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Two big things are present for me today: How people try to use spiritual teachers as therapists How people seek substances to have preferred spiritual experiences Therapy is really important. There are people trained to help others move through intense emotions, thoughts, and sensations. Spiritual teachers work in their own…

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Spiritual awakening signs and symptoms have become a strange kind of merit badge for some people. But the true spiritual path is a shedding of everything. There’s no prestige in it. There’s nothing to find. In time, true seekers realize that “nothing” is the most amazing gift they can ever…

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Crooked River

Ruby’s story continues. This one immediately follows The Road to Mt. Liebe. You can catch up with her past stories on this link: Spiritual Allegories and Stories As Ruby stepped off the road pointed to her by her spiritual teacher, she felt a presence pass by. She looked around and…

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Ruby’s spiritual journey continues. If you want to catch up on her previous stories to find out how she got here, you can find them on this link. Spiritual Allegories and Stories Ruby felt rejuvenated. Her time at the Pool of Clarity had renewed her, and her wounds from her…

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This story picks up an ongoing thread around the woman known as the Great Master. You can find her earlier stories on the following link, although this story stands alone. Spiritual Allegories and Stories Her last assailant slid off her sword, hitting the ground with a thump. Blood dripped off…

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There is a lot of fear in the world today. Maybe it is better to say that there are a lot more ways to incite fear in others to benefit the inciter than there used to be. What do I mean? Political groups incite fear to get people to take…

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