Now, it’s time to heal. The series of building a spiritual foundation blogs was aimed at getting you to just stop and listen to the multiple levels of you: your body, your heart, your mind, and your soul. Listening is a crucial first step, and for some souls, a part of you may break free and run straight into awakening. Fewer still will stay in that space before some old issue, block, or wound calls you back down into pain. So for virtually everyone on the spiritual path, healing is a core part of the process of waking up.

When You’ve Become Disconnected

I ended the last series at the top–our connection to the divine universe. From here, we’ll head back down, uncovering common issues that we face. Probably one of the first and foremost is a crisis of faith. When you no longer believe in a higher power and a greater source of love that goes beyond good and evil, you become disconnected from the very thing that can guide, hold, and pull you through healing and awakening. The source of so much healing work that gets done on this plane is channeled down through that connection whether you’re conscious of it or not. You know if you’re having a crisis of faith when you are feeling:

  • Disconnected
  • Lonely
  • Isolated
  • Hopeless
  • Apathetic–Nothing matters

Finding the Blockage

Virtually in every healing situation, there’s some kind of blockage in you that is stopping the connection. Our natural state is to be connected to everything and everyone. While coming to this plane of existence means taking on a certain amount of separateness, the level and degree to which this has been taken is extreme and unnatural. Some people may never have felt a strong sense of faith, and it may simply be part of your path to begin cultivating this. I’m not going to be as concerned with that in this blog series as people who’ve had something happen that broke their connection to the universe. Finding that issue and then removing it is essential, and it will involve delving backwards in your life.

When Doubt Arose

So often in Western society, doubt is the main disguise of a blockage in faith. It likes to further mask itself as reason, logic, rationality, and science. Science in an odd way has become its own quasi-religion, but that’s a topic for another time. However, a lot of times doubt is hiding something else. It can be something like: “I don’t want to be wrong. Everyone else says there’s no God. So I’ll agree with them too.” That’s pretty benign. If you start investigating why you’re afraid of being wrong or why you need to agree with what others say (social approval), then you can uncover more of that kind of doubt.

But I’d like to tackle some bigger reasons for doubt and crises of faith. I can think of one person in my life who lost a dear friend early in life. The question arises of “How could God let someone I love so much be taken from me?” This is a big one for quite a few people. It’s an important question that you have to explore. On the level of energy, I and other healers can oftentimes move an energy blockage blocking faith, but if you don’t move through a conscious process of healing, that blockage can re-manifest. In this way, the healing process is almost always co-creative. You have to return to your pain to find your faith in a crisis of faith. You have to return to the point where you went one way and faith got left behind. This can be hard and even be traumatic, but the spiritual path leads you through it. It leads you through the pain so you no longer have to feel it or carry it.

Finding Your Answers: Remembering Your Faith

I can’t give you your answers or your faith. When I talk about faith, I’m not talking about blind faith. This faith is simply a deep abiding belief that you are connected at all times and in all places. I know Christianity relies pretty heavily on Job for answering the question of “Why do bad things happen to good people?” This answer is essentially that there is a bigger plan that we cannot see and that we simply have to trust God even more. I’m not so fatalistic that I feel like everything happens for a reason. I think there are bigger plans at work that I cannot see, but I also believe in chance. Things happen. It’s how we react and respond that dictates if we continue to live in the pain of that moment each and every day because or if we choose to be stronger, wiser, and more loving.

Lance Armstrong is an amazing example. He could have had a crisis of faith when his life was threatened by cancer. Instead, he strove to be even stronger and overcome cancer. Perhaps that doesn’t fit your scenario. It’s one of many examples out there. I simply encourage you to go back. Go back in your memory to the point where you stopped believing in all the things that you could not physically see or touch. Go back to that moment that shook your faith and face it. Depending on how difficult that moment is, please be sure to reach out for help. If you’re a soldier who saw atrocities during war, then make counseling part of your spiritual path as well as prayer to God–even if you don’t believe in God yet, make it a practice to pray. Find the support you need to heal that blockage, and if you are sincere and loving and persistent, your faith can be renewed.

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I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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  1. Anytime in our lives we may find ourselves in a situation that could be described as a "faith check". Let's believe than, that everything that happens to us is for our good, and that it happened to let us understand something important – even if at first we can't see it.

    Let's have faith in a better tomorrow, better people and better situations all around us. The more we need it, the more we can reach for inside us. And there's a plenty of it when we do 😉

    Andrzej Kowasz

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