From time to time, I like to update my older blog posts. It’s 2021 as I update this again.

Firstly, trauma is serious. A spiritual awakening isn’t a bypass for trauma–it’s a train heading right into it. If you know you have or feel you have experienced trauma, find a trained therapist.

There are a lot of wannabe healers out there, so I encourage you towards finding a sanctioned in your country/licensed therapist as a starting point.

Trauma can start releasing at any time, and a lot of people confuse this as an awakening. Additionally, a lot of repressed trauma memories can come up after awakening, and while a therapist may not understand awakening, they don’t need to. There’s plenty that they do know to help you heal trauma.

So don’t avoid therapists because of any idea that they aren’t spiritual, and don’t assume that they are all bad if you have one bad experience. What matters is that you get the help that you need with the issues that are arising. The spiritual path to freedom does not omit any form of help, and ultimately it is about embracing all of yourself. That embrace includes embracing the reality of your trauma and the appropriate avenues to heal.

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  1. Sometimes when I feel sad and want to cry, I find myself not able to do that. The feeling is like something heavy crashing on my chest, but I can't cry to release it…..have to watch a sad movie to get the tears out…..what to do in such situation?

  2. Just be with it without wanting things to be any different. Drop into the relaxation of acceptance. Whatever needs to happen will happen in its own time.

  3. I had what I guess is an awakening experience through meditation using the self inquiry method or Ramana Maharshi ( the greatest sage) after gradually have moved from mantra to silent meditation. I know my fears shut me down "half way" Since my thoughts and feelings are there but at a distance. My mind is relatively still in a crowd but definitely still when I'm alone..I see that I am not, it's clear that the seer sees. The first two weeks were blissful. Nowadays I'm constantly crying, asking for forgiveness, for I've harmed so many with my foolishness, my ignorance. How can I possibly be redeemed? I was watching Amma ( the hugging saint) and she brings me into instant tears , when I saw her hugging everyone and the thought came that I cant not let her hug me, I'm unworthy. I asked for help during meditation outside feeling the sun and cold breeze, having walked there litterally without purpose, a thought came. Gods love is like the Ray's of the sun, it shines on all without discrimination even the unworthy such is his embrace. Now its "your unworthy, but he loves you anyways" and I cry and cry. I've gone through kidnapping and sexual abuse as a child, and many more micro traumas and near death experiences. In my heart of hearts I know these were meant to be. I know I need to address these yet, a part of me feelings like I wish I hadn't started this process. I fear i can't make it out of the emptiness.. I cry and ask for grace ive nothing else to do no where else to be but sit with these feelings *I tell myself. I know or no one on this path in this city . I've pursued a life of achievement to date and all I know or people in that frame. This article gave me a glimmer that maybe the pain will actual pass. I'm covered in fears, drenched in pains. My desires are mostly gone, except when I almost "seek them ot am watching tv or other things that point the way". So many attachments, those also have to be addressed. I still vape. I dont want become a depressed. I wonder sometimes, through all the horrible things that I've seen and have happened the seer was there even though I didnt know it. And i'm having a hard time wrapping my knowing around this. Thus the duality clearly precists. Any music, talks , meditation forms, prayers, people in the ottawa region. I've asked grace but these fingers type nevertheless.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Food for thought. It's time to learn to do inner work and heal your traumas. That's part of learning to face, embrace, and let go of your attachments so that you can reside more as the Seer.

    Here's a blog post to help you:

    What Is Spiritual Inner Work?

  5. I found this article comforting, encouragement for my journey through trauma to the other side of complete freedom. I feel tenderness right now as I think of all of us who are on this courageous journey. Take heart my friends!

  6. You’re writing is usually clear and not littered with archaic ideas about how people “should” behave or judgments attached to those behaviors. Why would you say: “it’s not because we’re evil that this happens” in reference to crying, grief and healing…? I have no idea what that means nor why anyone would use the word “evil”, ever.

  7. Hi Flynnzilla. Thanks for the comment. Two things here: Firstly, this is a post from 2010 when I was still developing a lot of my language. You're right that I don't use the "good and evil" language much at all in my current way of discussing spirituality–for the most part not at all. Secondly, while I don't use this language, some people were told by people in their life that they were bad or evil. So that sentence is aimed at people who had such awful things said to them.

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