I’ve already outlined a number of different common mental conditions that must be healed before much of awakening and divine connection can take place. My tact in previous blogs was to look at the different pieces and personas that the mind can split itself into amidst its endless chatter and activity. For this blog, I’m attacking this topic from the perspective of a more unified persona that is constantly thinking. This persona may not be self-critical in the way that I’ve described in previous blogs. This persona simply is continually thinking and planning as well as possibly criticizing others. It can be an extraordinarily effective persona in the world of business, but much of what it does is aimed at deflecting its own thought away from itself. In this way, it stays perpetually busy and avoids other repressed thoughts and unmet psyche.

Your Mind Is NOT You

If I haven’t said this before, it’s certainly important to say it now. You are NOT your mind. In the West, this is a revelation. If you haven’t heard it before, you may not even understand what I’m talking about. In our minds, we create elaborate personas and identify with them. These personas are built up of selective feelings, memories, and thought patterns. Most of us have one dominate persona. I call mine, “Jim.” This can be a useful thing. It helps me get around in the world and generally live what feels right to me. I am, however, not “Jim.” The deeper truer self is beyond my selective feelings, memories, and thought patterns. It encompasses all of that and so much more. I say selective because we don’t remember everything in our lives. We pick and choose, depending on our ego and the identity we’re crafting. I’m actively focused on spirituality, so I’m crafting a spiritual ego (which I don’t see as a contradiction). I focus my thoughts in that way, but I’m much bigger than a term like “spiritual.” So are you.

Healing the Mind

When the revelation that you are not your mind sinks in one day, everything will change. Things will fall apart, and you may now have a chance to heal. You don’t give up the mind, and you don’t destroy the ego. Instead, you make a new contract. You are now running the show. Could you imagine what it’d be like if you let your computer make all the decisions for you? You’d never get any new programs and would constantly cycle through the old ones. Our minds are programs that know what they know. By itself, it will not evolve, but when you blend your connection to the universe with the mind, things start to open up. Epiphanies and revelations are the manifestations of divine knowledge. They come when your mind lets go. I can’t think of any time when I’m thinking really hard about a problem that I ever come up with something half as good as when I let go of the problem and walk away. Soon enough, the inspiration comes. Where does that inspiration come from? I definitely have my answer, but perhaps you should explore this question in a journal or with a friend to discover for yourself.

Symptoms of a Mind Blocking Divine Knowledge and Self Knowledge

The more awareness trying to manifest and the more repressed you are, the worse off your head is going to feel. It’s going to feel like it’s going to explode. You may start to feel really crazy, and subsequently, you may try to turn up the volume in your life even louder. But no matter how many crazy parties, rock concerts, and exercise routines you bury yourself in to try and get relief, you can’t get away from yourself. You may even manifest physical symptoms such as:

  • Chronically stuffed up head (non-allergy related)
  • Headaches ranging from mild to severe migraines
  • Wild dreams or nightmares

Your body and your psyche are trying to get your attention. So long as these aren’t attributable to other things (if you’re allergic to your home, for instance), then you’ve got an energy issue at work. You’re going to be debilitated by yourself because whatever is trying to talk to you is super important. You probably should start listening.

Over-Thinking: Just an Old-Fashioned Avoidance Mechanism

In your life, you probably don’t have to make half as many decisions as you think you do. The mind has been placed into such a high level of importance that it kinda thinks it needs to be on all the time. Things like schools and colleges turn students into mental juggernauts. I know it certainly amped up my abilities, as if that needed to happen.

Start to let go of that need to decide, do, or discern. Give yourself more space to allow things to come up. Daydream. Daydream, but not too much. This is an invitation to your imagination to wake up a little. It can break the vice grip of the rational mind and start to relax the mind. With that relaxation, other things may begin to surface. It could take a little time, and as things suddenly pop up, write them down. If you’re having very active dreams, keep a dream journal to see what themes are revealing themselves to you.

Over-thinking is essentially a defense mechanism and a pattern that you’ve reinforced for years. Start to let that go. Your life will probably not fall apart because of that. There are many points where the spiritual awakening process will tear your life apart because you see all the things that must change. But at this juncture, letting go of decisions, judgments, and planning can give you a little more peace of mind and hopefully, one less headache.

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