This post was written in 2010. You can probably disregard most it. A lot of psychic experiences are misunderstood aspects of the mind, particularly the subconscious. What matters more is that you do your inner work to more deeply understand your mind. 

What Is Spiritual Inner Work?

To me, this topic is a blending of the two upper energy centers, and it’s a juncture that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. There have been too many phony psychics running around giving bad or garbled messages to people. It’s a topic that gets lumped into a big pile of useless hocus pocus things. However, as you build your spiritual foundation, some of you are going to have a lot of psychic abilities and clairvoyance opening up along with that process. And if your rational mind has been lumping this stuff into the hocus pocus/voodoo pile, you may be feeling extremely uncomfortable in your spiritual process. Let’s take a look at psychic abilities, what they are, and the different ways that they manifest.

What Is Psychic Ability?

As usual, I’m giving you my definition. Other people will have different terminology. Psychic ability is the ability to access different energy planes, dimensional knowledge, and beings outside the physical realm. Under this aegis, I place abilities such as healing energy, foresight and prophecy, extrasensory perception, angel channeling, astral projection, access to Akashic records, and lots of other things. It’s a big, big world outside the box of the rational mind, and this makes a lot of people feel unsafe. If you’ve already stumbled out into this world and don’t know what’s happening for you, I encourage you to contact me.

Protecting Yourself: Grounding and Connecting to the Universe

Moving into this space opens your awareness to many forces moving in yourself, others, and the universe. You are sooooo not in Kansas anymore. Without solid grounding, you can feel like you’re going to get swept away and totally lose your mind. I wouldn’t put that possibility as an inevitability, but you can hurt your energy. Some of the key lessons to learn if your psychic abilities are waking up will be to use:

  • Energy barriers to block out negativity and determine what energy is right for you to experience
  • Grounding cord visualizations to keep you energetically connected to the Earth
  • Connections to the Universe/God to keep you energetically filled

In my experience, those are the big ones. There’s also the importance of maintaining a high integrity of intention when you start to work in these spaces of knowing. This information is being given to you for the purpose of helping yourself and the world and for achieving the highest good. These aren’t toys and should NEVER be used against others or as ways to manipulate others. The consequences of such mis-uses of power are profound.

Safe Experimentation with Psychic Abilities

Finding a relatively able and kind teacher is important to safe experimentation. You want to learn the fundamentals to energy healing, astral projection, or whatever is opening up for you. When you get the fundamentals, you can start to experiment more and more on your own. With energy healing, a Reiki teacher, for instance, can help you enter the space of healing with integrity and help you make sure you don’t start absorbing other people’s energetic issues. There are whole new levels of interactions on the psychic plane that you probably aren’t prepared for. As I said earlier, this topic has been sitting in the pile of hocus pocus, and too many fakers have muddied this space. But there are legitimate teachers available for new found talents. It’s okay. You’re not going crazy (This is something I’ll continue to remind you).

The Purpose of Your Psychic Powers

If these powers are coming to you, they’re coming to you with a purpose. That purpose may not be immediately apparent, but it’s there. As you move through your spiritual process and if awakening opens in you, your purpose will become clearer and clearer. For me, it’s about helping other people in their awakening process. All the tools and abilities that have opened up for me in the last five years allow me to be here for you and to teach all the newly awakening people in the world. That’s my purpose. As your abilities open, they will help you to connect to your purpose and heal any pain blocking you from manifesting the true you into this plane of existence. In time, you may own and master them. Just keep an open mind and a lot of love in your heart, and you’ll find the way.

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