The psychic/subtle energy world is perhaps the stickiest place to work. Psychic phenomena has been pushed off into the realms of superstition and witchcraft to many, and the rational mind has all but outlawed discussion of psychic realities from the conversations of common sense. That hasn’t been all wrong. So much of the psychic world has been wrapped up in five layers of superstition that the truth of the situation has been obscured. Plus, some of the people acting as psychics have been charlatans, and others still haven’t actually done the spiritual work to be clear channels, meaning that their messages got mixed up and confused.

However, psychic abilities are very real. We all have them to varying degrees. Psychic abilities are like physical abilities; the more you use a muscle group, the stronger it gets. And some people have more natural ability than others. I can play a lot of basketball, but I can’t play it like Shaquille O’Neal. With that said, many naturally open psychics have a myriad of problems that need to be healed to build a safe container for a spiritual awakening.

Some Common Psychic Abilities That You May Have

Being psychic doesn’t mean having a crystal ball and reading tarot cards. In some cases, it can. But our psychic abilities are much broader than that and show up every day.

  • Intuition. Intuition to me is essentially a psychic knowing. You are tapped into the energy around you and are able to understand those energies naturally. Thus, you can sense when something is about to go wrong. You know who is calling on the phone without looking. The more you practice it. The stronger it gets.
  • External guidance and guardian angels. There are all kinds of energy beings that can come to help (or hurt) us. Obviously, my focus is on the helpful ones and clearing out any hurtful or controlling spirits. Learning how and when to engage with them and stay grounded in the physical world is critically important.
  • Channeling. You can channel energy or information from other planes of existence.
  • Energy healing. Your natural psychic ability here involves understanding people’s energy as well as your own. You can sense how to shift or heal things naturally. This can be a piece of a broader energy awareness that allows you to see where healing is needed on a micro (working with an individual) or macro level (working with world energy). You may also naturally see auras.
  • Foresight. To me, foresight is advanced intuition. The more you practice your intuition, the more you can get senses of bigger movements in your world and where things are headed. It can also manifest in dreams or visions.
  • Telepathy. Some people can know what others are thinking. Some can know what they are feeling (which to me is slightly different than knowing thoughts). The closer you are to someone in your connection, the easier this can be. In small ways, this has shown up in my family for years and with different lovers and close friends, although it’s been more in the realm of a feeling than in specifically knowing what they are thinking for me.
  • Astral project/out of body experience. Because I have relatives who’ve had these experiences without trying, I think it’s really important to mention this one. Finding yourself outside of your body can be quite unsettling if you’ve never been around others who know what this is and how to be with it.

There are plenty more. If I left out one you have, you can contact me to talk about it. The point is that there are a variety of psychic abilities that we all have and can grow into.

Healing Psychic Issues, Wounds, and Blockages

The biggest first step is acknowledging your psychic awareness. You’re not crazy. This is a recording. I will continue to repeat this over and over through these blog posts. You’re not crazy. A world that decimates its environment, hoards money needlessly, kills for profit, rapes, murders, and so forth: that’s crazy. I hope that offers a better perspective on where the real crazies lie in life.

The best thing you can do initially is to find a psychic community to talk with or to start writing down your experiences with as little judgment as possible. Once again, the beauty of a journal is that no one has to see it. So you don’t have to judge anything you write, and you can say the wildest things you feel like saying. The wound that’s being healed in this scenario is the mind. The mind has blocked out these gifts, quarantined them, or otherwise held them hostage. It’s like cutting off your arm if you’re a very gifted psychic. A part of you just went dead. Well, it’s time to revive it.

Learning to Believe in Your Psychic Gifts

As you work through your mental block, you need to practice believing in and having faith in your gifts. If you know who is calling on the phone, stop fighting that. Don’t judge it. Just allow the thought to surface, and then see who it is. This is a way to start using a balanced faith or confirmed faith. You will start to find the true psychic connection and not the mental chatter that says, “Well, I think it’s my cousin Debbie calling.” Your awareness will just say, “It’s Debbie.” It’ll be very clear.

Common Psychic Issues and Psychic Power Abuse

I’ve been writing about very benign psychic issues. Some of you may have gotten into trouble with your gifts. You may have gotten into strange cults because it’s the only place you could find acceptance. You could have gotten into games to prove your powers or to get what you want. All of this must stop. Your talents are locked up with ego, and the pain of that path is immense. Your psychic talents are here to help you and others, not to control or manipulate. This is a very serious thing, and you can do some serious damage to your energy on this plane of awareness if you continue to abuse your psychic abilities.

Common psychic issues:

  1. I don’t feel like I’m in my body.
  2. I feel everyone’s energy in my body.
  3. I feel attacked by others’ energies.
  4. I have nighttime visitations from other beings.
  5. I feel like I’m having other people’s dreams and nightmares.
  6. I feel sick all the time.

The list can go on for awhile. The biggest things that I teach involve boundaries, grounding, and connection to the divine universe. I use creative visualization as my primary mode of working through a lot of these issues.

Healing Psychic Boundaries and Grounding Issues

I could really talk for some time about a lot of these, but to start simply, boundaries and grounding are essential for very open psychics. Now, I don’t believe a psychic awareness is the same thing as a spiritual awareness. An awakened spiritual awareness can open up psychic abilities for many people, and it aligns psychic awareness with the divine plan. Without an alignment, psychic awareness is just another car driving around on auto-pilot on whatever road is present: good, bad or indifferent.

Finding ways to ground yourself are important. Exercise, good eating, and visualizing your connection with the Earth are helpful. You can imagine yourself growing roots down into the Earth if you like. Whatever image works for you, you should do it.

Then, you need to work on a creative visualization to protect yourself. You need to start working through what psychic abilities you feel ready and able to handle. Put intentions to grow those slowly and carefully. Meanwhile, you should come up with some visualized bubble, shield, forcefield, or whatever to wrap around your energy body. I do this pretty much on a daily basis to shield out the random energies flying about in the world from angry words from a motorist to someone upset with me.

Settling Into Your Psychic Awareness

As you find some comfort with your abilities, more stuff will come up. Past lives may come up. Old connections in this life may come up. You’ll begin to see where things need to heal or be cut loose. I recommend finding a psychic teacher to help if you find really dark issues still clinging to you. Help can be very important with major psychic issues.

As you go along, you’ll also be carrying more responsibility for using your awareness with integrity and love. These gifts are meant to help and to heal. Never take that for granted. As you earn this responsibility, you’ll also be amazed at what can open up for you in the levels of awareness and connections with yourself and others. It isn’t a scary world necessarily, but it is one that must be approached with a great deal of delicacy and caution if you are just starting out.

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