My ebook, Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating an Awakening, offers advice for people to bring spirituality more fully into their lives. For those interested in spiritual awakening, it can help them create a space for that opening, although nothing can make a spiritual awakening happen.

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Everyday Spirituality Overview

More than 200 pages long, this book is full of down-to-earth tips and practical ways to be more mindful and loving in your life.

If you’re just starting out creating a spiritual path, the ebook offers tips to build a spiritual practice that works within the confines of your busy life and to become more conscious about yourself and how you create your life.

If you need to heal, this book has a section that offers different ideas and practices to heal everything from your heart to your sexuality to your mind’s constant chatter.

If you’re ready to go deep, the Awaken section takes you further into yourself to amplify your energy and create space for deeper connection and potentially an opening into a profound experience.

I hope this spirituality ebook is helpful to you and assists you in seeing that spirituality is with you in every day and every second of your life.

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I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.


  1. I need a spiritual teacher who can guide me step by step as i have a problem of getting depressed easily, i really need help .please help

  2. i have to admit that i don't like to see spiritual teachers selling books and stuff, but you seem fine to me, especially because there is a lot of material here online.
    i've read like 10 or 20 books on spiritual matters and its all really bullshit if you expect that the book by itself will do anything. it won't, it will only lead to addiction to more reading 🙂
    but anyway you said that in the description of the book and many other posts here on the blog, so i have a lot of respect for you because at the bottom line you are not spreading nicely packed lies in order to get money 🙂

  3. Hey Marino, thanks for your bold honesty. It's awesome. Yep, I'm trying to keep this spirituality stuff real and deal with the financial realities of this world–money is needed to do stuff like eat, pay rent, yada yada. So yeah, it's an imperfect world and all of that. But none of what I write really says anything other than "you gotta figure out the spiritual path for yourself" and "here are some tools to do that." So I hope that any blog or ebook you read of mine helps you towards that because ultimately it's all just about living the life that you truly want to live from the space of the heart.

  4. I found your blog so amazing for a person that have entered an awakening and crystallize the gems through words. You are not just a teacher but to me a true master. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thank you Seri. You are very kind. But ultimately, the inner master in you must be recognized, so if you see that in me, I would like to gently guide you back inward to see the wealth in wisdom that you already have and may be shining on me. 🙂

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