I have been a spiritual teacher since 2010, and I’ve learned a lot since then. I have yet to find “energy.” What I have found are unnamed subconscious emotional and physical responses. These include:

  • General unresolved emotions
  • Trauma
  • Forgotten ego associations
  • Excessive stress
  • Poor lifestyle habits, and many other explainable human experiences

Please read this post with this in mind. What matters most is that you get the right support, not that you just believe in an idea like “energy.” The first step for everyone is to do inquiry to make known what may seem mysterious. These two posts can help you do the inquiry you need to do:

What Is Spiritual Inner Work?

Discovering Unconscious Associations and Feelings

Additionally, I recommend watching this 2023 video.

Spiritual awakening is a tremendous force of energy. It sends shockwaves down through you and out into the world. It’s hard to figure out what’s what for awhile because you’re in such a new frame of awareness. But from that frame of awareness, you are being re-born into a totally new, conscious version of yourself. And that’s exciting.

After the Blast: Rebuilding Your Energy

The walls got blown out. The windows smashed, and the doors torn off. You are wide open. You are a babe in the woods, really. It’s incredibly vulnerable, but that’s important. Because vulnerability is not weakness. Those who have taken advantage of vulnerability in the past will have to pay for those crimes, and furthermore, vulnerability is not blind. You don’t just open yourself to any and everyone all the time–well, maybe some of you will be able to. It depends on how deeply you are connected and the world that you are living in. Most of us will need some kind of light energetic boundaries to replace all the ego barriers that we’d had before. Make of it whatever you will, but the ego has served a purpose for you. It was a program meant to protect you. For many of us, the rebirthing is as much about re-writing that program as anything else. But to do so will require a lot of energy. This is where healing and energy work is so important.

Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Work, and the Vast Field of Energy Healing

There are so many different types of energy healing modalities available now that it’s pretty amazing. Reiki has been a popular flavor of the day, but it is by no means the only one out there. For me, I’ve been gifted with a natural intuitive energy healing ability (I also had a mother who did energy healing, and I’m sure I absorbed plenty of information from her). But still, energy healing is another one of my gifts, although I don’t mention it as much. I have the sense that that will be changing soon in my life. I’ve been able to tap into that divine energy for most of my life, and I simply know how to trust, refine, direct, and release those energies into people who come to me and into myself. It’s immensely powerful, and so much stuff can get moved and cleared out of someone’s body by doing such.

Really, I think energy healing is best suited for certain types of healing. There are plenty of spiritual practices and traditional medicines that are extremely helpful and healing. But some things are just best cleared out by using energy healing. During the post spiritual awakening phase, finding an energy healer who can help you rebuild yourself and understand yourself is critical. It’ll help you get used to how your whole being is now feeling and help assuage any remaining fears you may be feeling through the core of you.

Training and Integrity Around Energy Healing

Doing energy healing work is a profound thing, and most people will want to get some training before doing it if you are called to be a practitioner. Experiencing different modalities is important for you to find which ones that you might want to work in. It also helps to settle into your fully embodied light body. I know that last part is a little bit of spiritual jargon, but you do have to realize that your entire world has been turned upside down. You need time to integrate that and re-orient yourself to who you are. If you were an investment banker for 30 yeas of your life, you may need some time to come to terms with your calling as an energy healer. Or not. Maybe you’re just ready to go. Regardless, give yourself some time to breathe…and to heal.

Many of you have come into this world with a lot of immediate access to spiritual tools like energy healing. For you, you simply need to stay in integrity with who you are and do your work to clear out your issues. After that, you have to trust what you know and kinda get out of the way of what’s coming through. You know if this applies to you. You’re the type of person with energy coursing through your body, and you’ve had amazing luck healing dying cacti (And how your friend could kill one of those, who knows, right?) and other sick plants and animals. You just know where to put your hands on someone’s body to release pain. It’s always kind of amazed you. It’s time to be less amazed and embrace this part of you. You can start by using your healing on you.

Rebuilt Barriers and Removing Altruistic Ideas

Once you’ve healed and can hold barriers around your energy, you’ll be almost ready to be an energy healer. It’s important to have barriers because you can’t absorb other people’s issues. All kinds of things get jarred loose in an energy healing session, and the more adapt at this you are, the more pain you may be able to shake free from someone (well, it’s a co-creative process; it’s not just what you’re doing, but I’ll go into that in another blog post). That means there’s more stuff that you need to block out, clear out, or otherwise ground. You know how to do this though. It’s already in you. All that knowledge has come with you.

The bigger problem tends to be altruistic ideas. You want to heal everything and everyone. No. It doesn’t work that way. You heal what someone is ready to have healed. Some people won’t be ready for healing. You may find yourself having to turn away someone despite your own instincts to heal everyone. This really gets people riled up. Many people are like, “Well, you should always heal any and everyone who comes to you.” But spirit doesn’t really work that way. That’s why being clear about your inner guidance of what you can and can’t do and what someone is and isn’t ready for is so essential. That’s part of your responsibility as an energy healer. It sounds like an amazing path, but it’s also one with a great deal of responsibility. And many people will simply not understand why you do what you do.

But First, Take Care of Yourself

You can’t heal anyone if you aren’t done healing yourself yet. In general, you can get yourself in real trouble if you try to start healing everyone before you’re fully back together since your spiritual awakening. You have to make a lot of space for yourself to be vulnerable and to be cared for by others. Hopefully, you have some kind of spiritual community to assist you. It’s important that you have some people who can help you hold this new energy vibration, which is very likely completely different than the older vibration that you were living in. You’re going to be bouncing up and down and all around. You’ll suddenly feel beautiful and see everyone as luminous beings, and then you’ll crash down and feel isolated, disconnected, and hopeless. Maybe it won’t be so bad. Maybe you’ll just long for your old life. That’s the ups and downs of spiritual awakening as you come to a vibration you can hold. It’s a temporary thing. You just have to trust in the process.

Becoming a Servant of the Divine

To become an energy healer is to become a servant of the divine plan. This path is not about you. It’s about healing. So while this work can make you feel amazing, it’s not about you feeling amazing. You may work in incredibly light and beautiful places, or you may work in some dark and confused spaces. It just depends on what you’re here to offer. You do have choice, and you will know where to bring your services. You have to trust that intuition, and things will work out just fine.

But remember, it’s not about you. You don’t have to martyr or sacrifice yourself. In taking care of yourself, you take of others. We are not separate. We are all one. But in taking care of yourself, you are also preparing to bring your services outwards to others in the world. There is a lot of work to be done…a lot of healing is needed. And you are most needed now. So don’t be afraid to embrace your gifts. Just trust. You have everything you need. You are everything that you need to be, and people need everything that you have to offer so that they can finally be healed.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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  1. Thank you for the post. I am so unstable emotionally like you mentioned. Although I have become more honest with everyone, I blow out a lot. I feel a lot of resentment because I realize I don't know how to care for myself. I am sick phisically and caring for two kids all day,1 and 6. I am glad I don't have a job. I am super stressed. I haven't been able to release the grudges, it's very hard. I need some healing. Not sure I understand how to do it.. I love your blog. Many thanks!

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