This is the point where I’d probably stop talking (at least talking much less), and I’d lead the regular blog readers in some kind of conscious movement activity. It’s not just because we spend so much time in our heads (I’m certainly a prime culprit), it’s because we’ve forgotten the wisdom in our bodies. Our bodies know so much, but we are constantly forcing them into shapes, sizes, and towards performance goals that we never really hear our body. Whether you’re swallowing the contents of another carton of ice cream to bury your woes or are training hardcore for a CrossFit competition, it’s likely that you’ve no idea what your body thinks and really wants.

The Intelligence of the Body

Too many spiritual traditions spurn or denigrate the body. It’s as if they think that they can get away from it. It often has become a dumping ground for some of our worst issues. The bottom chakra with its scarcity and family issues, and the second chakra’s sexual traumas are too much to handle for a lot of traditions. It’s like, “Well if we can’t figure out how to deal with it, we’ll just transcend it and be done with it.” By transcend, they mean ignore, avoid, and escape. It’s unfortunate. And ultimately, it’s futile. You can’t escape your body (not until you die, and I’m not interested in any high-state out of body experiences in this blog post. Stay in your body! This is the gift of your life time).

For those of you cultivating your paths, you’re unwrapping a lot of mental constructs around how you think about your body. You may be learning how to love your body, and you may even be making some big changes in how you take care of your body. These are preliminary processes that are very important. You can’t hear the intelligence in your body until you start taking care of it and stop polluting it (drugs, alcohol, etc.). For those of you who have awakened, you’re probably a little stunned by what your body has to say. Depending on how you’ve treated it, your body may be very upset. Now, you’ve got to listen.

Physical Changes and Learning to Listen to Your Body

Your body is very intelligent. It knows what it wants to eat. It knows what feels good for exercise. It’s not actually that hard to hear what it has to say. As I was accelerating towards awakening in 2007, my body’s intelligence started kicking in. I decided I didn’t want to drink alcohol anymore. It just felt like it was getting in the way of my clarity. Over time, going back to drinking any amount of alcohol has gotten harder and harder the more in-tune I’ve become with my body. At last check (and this was awhile ago), I can get through about half a beer before I start to feel hot and sick. My body is also getting ready to rush it out of my bowels (I know, graphic huh? Some of you in awakening totally get what I’m saying though). By this time, the taste of the beer is terrible to me too.

Furthermore, I had to give up the idea of having lots of muscles. I’ve never been a huge body-builder type, but I did spend more than a few hours in the gym. Ah that Arnold Schwarzenegger body-type ideal that men have latched onto since the 80’s….My body, however, does NOT care about achieving an image. It likes to be slender and not carry a lot of additional weight. Somewhere around May of 2007, my workout regimen was changing, but in all honesty, it took me several years before I really let go of weight-lifting. Nowadays, my body only likes to lift and move itself. So push-ups = okay. Benchpress = yuck.

Clearing the Way to Your Body Intelligence

I’ve already blogged a lot about stuff that you can do to get to know your body and to own your physical power. I have it better conglomerated in my ebook if you want to find it all in one place, but I think my blog post about “Creating a New Relationship with Your Body” is a good place to start. Oh, and I don’t think I’ve said enough about sleep. Sleep is super important. You should get more. Most people in the U.S. aren’t sleeping enough, and caffeine isn’t a good substitute. This is another key part that is essential to hear your body’s intelligence, and really for lots of people, the intelligence is simply saying, “I’m TIRED!”

Deeper Clarity Comes with Deeper Physical Commitment

This is where things can get really cool. Your body doesn’t just tell you what to eat and how much to sleep. For those really in awakening, you’ll probably feel a lot of things in your body. You’ll be able to sense how other people are feeling and what’s going on for them. There may be an issue around boundaries, and I’ve discussed that as well in earlier blog posts. But done with intention and care, you start to understand people in a whole new way. You can connect with people in a whole new way. You’ll know which people and places are or aren’t right for you. The body’s intelligence starts to blend in with your heart and mind intelligences. The soul’s intelligence brings them all together. I suppose this is a type of clairvoyance or clair-somethingness. I don’t care to put a name on it, but I do know that it offers you a lot more ways to understand and interact with the world than many of you have realized was possible.

Staying Grounded Through Your Spiritual Path and Awakening

Your body’s intelligence will also keep you very grounded in this world. And that’s crucial especially for those of you in big awakenings. A lot of that high vibration can have you floating up in the rafters, and we need you down here on planet earth. The body keeps us here. It tells us a lot of important stories about how to care for ourselves and how to physically connect with others in integrity. It has a whole level of intelligence around sexuality and sexual energy that I don’t even have the space for to discuss in this post (it’ll have to wait for another time ;). But it can’t be controlled. Not like the mind has done before. And any mantras to just “tough it out” through sickness and other difficulties that cause pain to the body will become increasingly impossible to do as your body’s intelligence takes over. You’re not losing control; actually, you’re finding out that you’ve been physically out of control and out of integrity with yourself for most of your life.

The body’s intelligence brings you back to center and back to a more grounded focus. It’s kinda like a big reality check. Whoops that burger makes me feel awful–wow, I’ve been dumping terrible processed food into my body all these years and my body actually hasn’t liked it. I just thought I did. Start to notice what really makes you feel vibrant, alive, and healthy, and you’ll begin to bring forth the intelligence of your body.

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