I think a number of you probably are noticing a theme with some of my blogs of late: love. I suppose that’s where I’m focused these days, and so that’s what’s coming up for me and in the emails and questions being sent to me. This topic is a little more esoteric for most, but for those of you who have felt it, it’ll make a lot of sense. The title speaks to a heart opening, but not in the general sense of emotionally loving someone. This blog post is about the energetic sensation of having your chest or heart feel like it is actually opening to connect with another person, group, or place. It is an extremely powerful feeling, and perhaps only some of the psychics reading this blog will have experienced this yet. For those of you in spiritual awakening, you may not have had this yet, but it may create a foundation of understanding if such a thing happens for you.

Movements of the Heart: Embodying the Energy of Love

The only way I can access this topic appropriately is to share a little of what I’ve experienced. I’ve experienced a lot of different types of connection and intimacy, and I can’t emphasize enough just how many types there are in the world. Awakening opens you up to all kinds of intimacy, and as I’ve written about in “Spirituality and Intimacy,” it’s far, far more than just sexual connection. So it was with this particular story for me.

I happened to be lying in bed, and I was holding my lover at the time. We were both fully clothed and not doing anything. We weren’t preparing to do anything. We were really just relaxed into each other’s energies. I suppose that’s the essential piece. For whatever reason, I suddenly felt my chest being opened up to her, and I felt all this amazing light and energy come through her heart and into mine. We were both kinda stunned. We stopped and held each other for awhile. I can’t even tell you how long it lasted. I was in a lot of awakening energy at the time when I was with her, so the concept of time had really broken down a lot. All I did know was just how much love I was feeling and how connected I felt to her. It’s a treasured memory from that relationship for me, and it showed me just how deeply you connect on one level.

Soulmates and Spiritual Lovers

But as I also wrote in my blog about intimacy, just because you can connect incredibly deeply with a person in one moment doesn’t mean that you will ever again or that that’s the only person with whom you can have that level of connection. The illusion of the ego immediately grabs on to these circumstances and tries to do several things such as:

  • Re-create the experience
  • Hold on to the partner
  • Judge and evaluate any other future experiences by that first one

This, of course, squelches the energy of love. Trying to box it up is like caging some birds; it soon dies. And of course, you’re like “But this feels great! I want more.” Absolutely. Just let go. Let go, and more with come to you. Let go of the idea of how it will come and from whom it will come. Someone doesn’t necessarily have to be your soulmate (which I have written all kinds of things about) or spiritual lover for you to touch deep intimacy. I think it’s so important that you know that you can have very deep heart openings on the energetic level with many people. You probably will find that some people resonate better for you and that certain bonds are more accessible than others. The higher truth is that we can connect deeply and completely with everyone because we are all one. But in our day-to-day life, you will find some better suited to partnering than others.

Heart Opening and the Power of Energetics

This is where I’m theorizing. I’m theorizing on stuff that probably doesn’t need theorizing, but I feel like putting it out there given some of the questions that I’ve received.

What does this mean to have this energy come into me? I have no idea. As always, I encourage you to journal about it if that question comes to you. Talk with whomever you had this connection about what you felt. What did s/he feel? What images did you both get? (FYI: This kind of visceral connection could also happen in nature or with a group of people; it’s not necessarily a one-on-one experience). Sometimes, it’s just a strong karmic connection or a past-life time reconnecting. Perhaps it’s kind of an energetic download. One person becomes a conduit for energetic information and the other receives it.

How do I get it back? I’ve had different kinds and types of heart openings, but nothing like the initial one that I described in this blog. I would say that, for me, it was a seminal opening of my heart to a whole new way of connection. After that big opening, I’m not sure that I’ve needed to be re-opened and connected to in that way again. I can’t speak for my lover at the time and what it meant to her. I may have another heart opening like it or more powerful later on, but it still wouldn’t be the same. So I’d encourage you to not get caught up in the idea of trying to “get” something back. As always, the spiritual path will become incredibly difficult when you try to “get” stuff from it.

What does this mean about this partner with whom I had this connection? Ah, here’s the 50 million dollar question. It’s one that only you can answer. I have noticed that in the initial parts of awakening or spiritual shifts, we’ll attract to us guides and doorways (I know it sounds funny to call someone a doorway, right?). These people help us open up to a new level and transition through the doorway into another space. It’s a beautiful and sacred purpose. Once that completes, that relationship may dissolve, however. Other times, you will attract a life partner or spiritual lover because you’re now in that same space or energy vibration. But like all relationships, I encourage you to think more expansively about the partnership because most relationships don’t fit into the one-and-only-true-love-til-death-do-us-part mold that we try to cram them into.

Powerful Energy Shifts

I would also encourage you to draw your attention back away from the “other.” As I’ve talked about before, focusing on other people to “give us love” will lead to suffering. No one can bring you fulfillment. You already have that inside. If anything, a heart opening is a sacred activation and blending of your energies. Perhaps, the other person has awoken a dormant feminine to blend with your already active masculine energy or vice versa. It is a beautiful and amazing thing to share with someone. But it’s always important to come back to yourself and what’s happening inside for you.

Because if you’ve really awakened in your heart, you may suddenly find that you’re actually attracting a lot of loving and connected people. You may find that your tunnel vision focusing on the person who helped awaken your heart may hinder your further growth and development. It’s not that focusing love on another is bad; it’s the mentality of “I can only get this from him/her.” It blocks out all the love that’s going on in the world and doesn’t allow other people to mirror and reflect your love.

Truly, this is a beautiful connection to have with someone. It has it’s own intelligence. I could probably set up circumstances to encourage another big heart opening for myself with another, but that doesn’t mean it would happen. It happens when it happens. But it is amazing. It is real. It is perfectly normal, and more and more, there are lots of amazing souls with whom you’ll be able to share and connect in this way.


  1. Thank you for your post. It happened to me. I can find almost no information on this. Like a hole punch going through leather…right into my heart as I hugged someone the second time after meeting him. It was/is so bizarre. I feel like I can tune in and feel him if I want too. He lives four hours away from me.

  2. I felt it not long ago on a first date with someone. It was the first time. I was sitting close to him and shy. Watching a movie then all of a sudden a beautiful glowing feeling came from my heart center. He resides a few doors down. We are attracted to each other but I disclosed that I have genital herpes (which is fairly common) and now we kind of hang out. I got a hug from him a few nights ago and felt it again. But I'm not sure about any of it. I struggled out of an abusive marriage. Divorce isn't final yet. And I also fear/sense that he may be seeing another woman who resides near us as well and not forth coming because of his own protocol or caution because he doesn't want to harm me or what have you. I've had odd encounters with the other woman. I haven't spoken to him about it but I do feel he is somewhat open minded. I guess you could say he's somewhat Gnostic. He's looked into it guess. Anyways, with him it seems I have to know what's going on. He showed more interest in me before my hsv2 (genital herpes discloser). I've decided to talk to him about the heart opening. I do know I have to stand my ground with him and not let him define it for himself. I also don't know if he does that for a lot of people.

  3. I’ve recently had a massive spiritual awakening. It was actually Easter Day last year, I’d read a book how to communicate with your guide. After reading it I’d said yo myself. Yes I do believe, my life changed from that moment and had a thirst to find out as much as I could. Which lead me to read a book called a conversation with God, after finishing it, I said to my self that it all made perfect sense and as soon as I said it. It was like boom, my heart just had this massive opening of absolute love. I just wanted to be we’re ever it was. I’ve since found out that this is called ‘coming home’ ive only felt this once and a medium told me it was my spirit guide communicating with me. I’ve since had 3 other experiences with my heart like it was try tho communicate with me.
    This medium said that i should meditate to see my guide. I’m still trying to learn. I’ve only managed to see a guide once and it was Jesus. He stood with me with his arms out stretched. I’m not religious as all and something like this has made me really think. I also get lots of communication through songs being played in my head. Most of them ask me to pray.
    It’s all new to me and getting used to this communication, I think from my guide can be so weird at first but I’m slowly getting used to it and am trying to meditate and pray more.
    Thanks Victoria x

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