I get a number of people who contact me about their spiritual gifts, and I thought it’d be a great topic to discuss. Tuning into your spiritual gifts is difficult for a lot of people partly because people have piled so much crap and nonsense on top of their gifts that they aren’t readily apparent. It’s also interesting because some people seem to think that a spiritual teacher can give them their spiritual gifts in some way. Teachers and healers can help open the conduit, but after it’s open, it’s all you, baby.

Opening the Conduit to the Divine

The more I open to the depth and expansiveness of who I am, the more it feels like I’m just riding this raw electric impulse. It makes it hard to sleep. It’s one reason that I’m terribly sleep deprived at the point of writing this. So I hope you give me some allowances in this blog. 🙂 The point is that opening to yourself is a powerful thing. Most of your life, you’ve been living the watered-down-lite-lite-draft-beer-from-the-can type of life that you can have. It really hasn’t been you. It’s been what you thought you should be. You’ve cut yourself off from yourself in multiple ways, and to suddenly run down the path and say, “Give me all my gifts!” can be a lot to grapple with at one shot. Seriously, smaller bites, here people. You don’t need to eat the whole Thanksgiving Turkey at once. Mmm. Turkey.

Observing Yourself: Spiritual Illumination in the Hallway Mirror

Most of the time, our gifts in life aren’t really that hidden. It’s just that people have a kinda screwy idea of what spiritual gifts are. Spiritual gifts get cast as these kinda magical, supernatural hey-look-at-me-levitating-and-warping-to-the-Andromeda-system types of things. I’m sure somebody somewhere can do that, but most of our gifts are about the here and now. They’re about helping people here and now to heal and learn how to be themselves. This blog is certainly not very supernatural, but it is a vehicle for my writing, which is a gift to all those of you discovering your spiritual paths and awakening.

So, if you want to know what your spiritual gifts are, start by observing what comes most easily to you. What have you been doing your whole life? This may lead you to see how you’ve naturally intuited information about others or yourself. You may remember how you could heal animals that got hurt in your backyard. You may discover that somehow people just feel better after talking with you. This has been going on your whole life.

There are lots of things that are woven into the fabric of daily lives that go unappreciated. Appreciate them. They’ll start to show you where your gifts are, and then you can start to develop them. If you are great at talking with people, counseling or public speaking classes become a channel to focus whatever it is you have to say. I know this doesn’t sound super psychedelic, spiritual, but that’s not how I teach. I believe spirituality is meant for everyday practical things because that’s where we live, and that’s what has gotten so damaged by desire, anger, and fear in the world consciousness. So that’s why we get tools that focus on these everyday things.

Letting Go of Fears

Usually, the big problem with connecting with your spiritual gifts is fear. I have a number of highly aware psychics that connect with me, and they’re usually terrified off their asses. I don’t blame them. Society hasn’t give them much space to deal with what they know and how to interpret what to do with that information. I was talking last night with someone about how when I intuit information about someone I ask the divine if I need to do anything with that information or not. Because as most psychics will attest, knowing people’s secrets kinda sucks. After awhile, you really don’t care because you’re not interested in having power over others or controlling/changing their lives in some way.

And if you do want this knowledge to manipulate others, you are in for a big whammy. It is really, really, REALLY bad to abuse this power, and there are repercussions. In many ways, a lot of people can’t tap into their powers until they’re ready to use them in integrity–although some people these days are coming into the world with lights really turned on. It’s a lot to handle. And honestly, for this blog, I encourage any of the psychics reading this who want further guidance to contact me directly because this topic takes us off into a whole other direction if you’re a psychic who’s already receiving lots of information. In essence, you already have discovered one of your spiritual gifts.

Building Your Spiritual Practices

For anyone new to this blog, I encourage you to check out the starting out section and the Spiritual Tools of the Trade blog post. Because discovering your gifts means you start to do a lot of self-work to clear the internal obstacles to your clarity. I’m not so much interested in you conversing with divine spirit guides as much as finally conversing with yourself. You may say that you don’t really like you, but that’s not true. That’s an ego layer that’s been around for too long. The deeper you, the real you loves you completely and unconditionally. And I’m sure that’s hard for a lot of you to even read. Which is why it’s time to do the work. Any gifts that you have can only and should only surface when you’re ready to stand fully in your light. Because then you’ll be able to offer those gifts to the world in integrity and in peace.

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