Okay, the first two compilations of blog posts this week were aimed at people still developing their path and creating space for spiritual awakening. Here are a few posts that I really like and wanted to highlight for those moving through awakening.

Hold Onto Your Hats, Kiddos–Here Comes the Next Awakening Wave

Blog #1: How to Build Your Sandcastle

This is a recent blog post, but I really want to highlight it. It’s one of my favorite recent blog posts because it acknowledges something we all know, but don’t want to admit–nothing lasts. That includes our sense of self, which is meant to be a much more fluid thing that we generally allow it to be. So enjoy this blog post as you consider how you will build your next “sandcastle.”

Blog #2: Permission and Forgiveness in a Spiritual Awakening

I love this blog because it’s so important to learn how to forgive ourselves as well as to ask for permission to be in other people’s lives. So many of us have forced our way into situations or have allowed our boundaries to be infringed upon. This blog talks about how spiritual awakening makes us extremely conscientious of what is and is not in integrity with who we are. Spiritual awakening brings with it pretty intense understandings all at once, and it can take a lot of forgiveness and re-adjustments to align with this deep and profound integrity. Let me know if you have questions on this one.

Blog #3: Facing Your Ego’s Death

This is a great post to help those of you who are still tied in to your old ego. Sometimes it feels like you are dying, but you’re not. It’s your identification to your ego and all the old things in your world that did not serve you. It’s pretty intense in these moments, which is why this post is so important. You have to start re-creating a new sense of self–a new spiritual ego. This post offers thoughts around that and how to let go of this old way of being that no longer serves you. Well, it probably never really served your true self, but it worked for a time. Now it has to go.

Surviving the Awakening…The Road Goes On

Spiritual awakening doesn’t really end. The ups and downs calm down a lot, however. You’re steadying the flow in your life. You’re not coming to an end point. It’s important to recognize this as you move through your awakening. You can’t just “get it over with.” That’s not what living your life is about. It’s about coming into the deep recognition that all of life is change. So you will continue to “awaken” after a fashion your whole life. You’ll awaken to each new moment. And each new moment will be brand new and fresh as you continue to cultivate space for this awareness. Enjoy!


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