It’s 2022, and I have to say that I’ve seen very little evidence of anything called energy as far as spiritual energy goes. Instead, I’ve found a whole world of unlabeled sensations, feelings, and subconscious impressions. 

Instead of learning to sense your energy, learn to understand your subconscious.

Discovering Unconscious Associations and Feelings

One of the topics I haven’t discussed too extensively is around learning how to sense your own energy. I’ve alluded to it numerous times, but now is as good a time as any to talk about how to get in tune with yourself. It’s a really important thing to do because while we operate on a lot of levels of gross density, much of how our lives move is influenced by the subtler energies and connections within us and around us. Consider a practice in sensing your own energy as part of starting to look around your bedroom. You’ll need to be able to assess what’s in it to know what belongs, and on that note, I’ll begin this post.

Softening Your Awareness

There is a real softness in us and to get to that softness requires a kind of soft focus. The edges and hard boundaries need to blur and bend and dissolve. The first step to sensing your energy is going to involve finding time for just yourself. If you don’t do this, no one else will, and you’re going to find that already there is a balance between setting boundaries and dissolving into the softness. Consider that if you don’t mold cake batter then it runs all over the place and doesn’t bake properly. It just makes a mess. But if there’s no space to put all the cake batter, that’s just as problematic. So as you are making space for your own practice in getting to know you, you’ll need to know how much space (time, place to meditate, etc.) you need.

Boundaries in Place, Meeting Yourself

That first step in setting boundaries for yourself may be one of the biggest hurdles, and if you’ve had trouble saying, “No” to people, then as you go inside, you may find a lot of debris and issues that don’t belong to you. Of course, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Right now, you don’t really know what’s inside, do you? Many of you are afraid. Some of you are afraid of your beauty. Some of you are afraid of your ugliness, and most of you are afraid of all the work that both will require you to do. Regardless of how you may label what you feel, it tends to be very true that we’ve all been sponges absorbing up lots of junk. Otherwise, you wouldn’t really need a blog like this to help you pay attention. You’d know what you are and what does or does not belong. This isn’t accusatory. It’s a statement of fact. That’s the power of Truth. It knocks your socks off with its simplicity and candor.

Breathing Yourself Back In

I would recommend that you do your initial practice of learning to sense your energy after at least a 15 minute meditation. The meditation in this context and at this juncture of your development is meant to slow you down from the 90 mph that you’re going through life doing work, taking care of kids, etc., etc. So just pause, and breathe. Breathe yourself back in. One of my little prayers is to ask that wherever I’ve left my attention or energy that it may come back to me. One of my other little prayers is that wherever in my energy that I’ve let someone else latch on to me may they be released. You can repeat this type of prayer if you like, and I most certainly encourage you to make up your own. As you breath in, you breathe in more of you. As you breathe out, you release things that don’t belong in your energy field. In and out. Easy and soft.

Do your best to maintain the softness in all of this. This isn’t a race, and the breathing isn’t meant to do any sort of advanced high-state/altered awareness juju. There are other breathing techniques for that if you really want to get into it. This is just about breathing and coming into the presence of this moment, and from this full presence, you can then take a look around.

Following the Feelings in Your Body

If you’ve never done anything like this before, I encourage you to pay attention to your body first. Your physical body is the densest form of your energy body. Sensing this counts in learning to sense your energy. If you’re not seeing auras and so forth, that’s fine. You may not. Not everyone sees in that way, and we’re not trying to make you a super-psychic. These tips are meant to help you simply be in alignment with yourself in whatever way feels true to you. Don’t try to be something that you’re not. It will only lead to suffering.

But do challenge yourself to stretch your awareness. So pay attention to your body. See what feels good. See what is uncomfortable. Just put your awareness and attention there. If your hips are tight, see what it’s like to simply focus on that tightness. See if any thoughts or additional feelings come up for you. Our bodies hold the whole of our physical memories on this planet. They remember everything, and so when we heal and awaken on this path, there’s a level of physical release that goes on. Tuning into your body is a very important step on the spiritual path so that you can start to understand it’s natural needs–not the needs that we make up for it (i.e. thinking we need to have six-pack abs; most bodies really just need some movement and exercise and not to become a specified form).

Delving Into Subtler Emotional Energies

As you explore your body, you may find emotions in different spaces. It may seem very odd at first that your low back feels all kinds of shame around it. It may not make sense, but this is still in the exploratory phase right now. We’re not looking to change anything yet. We’re looking just to look. Because along with physical sensations, emotional sensations also get stored in our bodies’ muscles and tissues. Everything from your fight with your mother last week to the fatigue of holding your baby girl at 1am in the morning while she was sick with an ear infection two years ago is lodged in your body. Seeing what’s stuck in there will give you a sense of what kind of emotional releases and emotional support you may need. You may also find pleasurable moments stuck in there, and while you may wonder what’s wrong with that, oftentimes we get hooked on a great experience and try to reclaim that experience in future situations like having a great sexual lover. Letting go of the experience from our emotional bodies makes space for new and potentially deeper emotional experiences.

Dropping Into Awareness of the Energy Body

Okay, so you may not be ready to do this. You may still just need to stay with the emotions and physical body for this practice for awhile. That’s fine. This isn’t a race, but as you are getting more aware of those other energies in your denser structure, it does get easier to sense the energy surrounding you, within you, and holding you, all of which is perpetually shifting and staying the same. It’s a profound space of being to start to touch. One of the ways that I work with my energy field is to put my attention on an area of my body, and then it feel like I’m lifting my attention up above that physical area and into energy body. Then I kind of flow with the sensations of the energy like currents of water so that I can flow from my right hand up my arm into my shoulder down my back and so forth. Try it for awhile. It may work. It may not.

If you find this very easy to do, and then I encourage you to go a level deeper. See if you can get a sense of what feels really strong, light, and vibrant. What parts feel dense, heavy, or stuck? Those are usually how I term the various things that can end up in an energy field, and you can practice this in more than just a meditation. But initially, you really want to get a strong sense of your own self before doing this type of awareness work in other situations with other people around. Getting a sense of yourself is absolutely crucial so you don’t get sucked into another pain or joy. It will anchor you not just in your practice, but in all of your life whenever things get turbulent.

Stuck Points and Foreign Energy

I sometimes like to talk about our energy like shoes. Shoes walk through the world, and mud and dirt naturally get stuck to them. You occasionally have to knock off the mud from them that gets collected. Sometimes the world throws mudballs at you, and so having a chance to stop and release energy that isn’t yours is a good thing to do so you don’t carry around someone else’s pain. Carrying another’s pain does nothing to help them, and it hurts you. Other people’s pain is theirs to learn from, and they can’t learn the lesson if you allow them to pass things off to you. It’s like constantly loaning money to a friend. Eventually, that friend needs to learn how to make money on her own. It’s not a perfect metaphor, but you get the idea.

You can clear energetic debris in a couple of ways, and usually, the stuff that’s really stuck is there because you’ve got some attachment to a bigger issue. I won’t tackle that topic today because as I said, this is an introductory blog post to help those of you get acquainted with yourselves. There are levels upon levels of subtlety that you may go through as you filter out junk and clean out your energy to its normal healthy vibration and fullness. Here are a couple quick tips for general, basic energy clearing:

  • Ask God, your guides, or your local friendly energy being withwhom you have a good relationship to clear any thing that does not belong in your energy field.
  • Bring your awareness to the issue and imagine your hand lifting out the stuck debris. Then visualize light coming to fill that space that comes down through the top of your head.
  • Imagine a big strainer moving from top to bottom or bottom to top that lifts out any dark blockages, and then imagine light coming in from the top of your head to fill in those spaces.

Going Deeper and Deeper

You can, of course, continue to go deeper, but this is best combined with your overall spiritual work to understand yourself. The more you understand yourself, your path, and how you’ve come to where you are, the better it is to understand what is getting stuck in your energy. This isn’t a blame game. Don’t go blaming your parents or anyone else no matter how traumatic a past even may be that is stuck in you. You are where you are, and your energy is as it is. You may be amazed at how powerful forgiveness is in this process because you’ll be able to sense how forgiveness releases things that got stuck in you (like grudges). In releasing that for yourself, you’re also healing the other person because we are all connected. We are all one.

So enjoy your exploration into your own energy. It’s possibly one of the most beautiful and simplest gifts to staying healthy on a deep level that you can give yourself.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.


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