I don’t like to leave anything out in this blog, and of utmost importance is to bring our attention to our shadows. Our shadows are those things that are forgotten and repressed. Sometimes they are “negative” attributes, and sometimes they are “positive” attributes. They don’t necessarily have to be labeled as either, and it may be surprising to you that a “positive” attribute is squashed down there. But say for instance that you’re a powerful psychic; much of this society doesn’t know how to appreciate that. So some of your shadow may be your repressed psychic abilities, which occasionally show up when you blurt out something profound about someone else. This of course causes problems, but you can see the point. When you don’t look at your shadow, things can creep up on you.

So here are a few blog posts that I’ve written in the last year that honor the path of the shadow.

Blog 1: Shadow Dancing: Meeting Your Darker Half
What I like about this blog is that I wrote out some steps for engaging with the shadow. In this post, I’m looking at negative aspects that get lodged down there. As I said, it’s not all bad in the shadow; it’s just repressed and trying to get noticed. If you’re having trouble seeing some of your shadow, I encourage you to have the courage to ask a friend for help and outside perspective. If you’re really brave, ask someone in your family.

Blog 2: Shadow Expressions: Permission to be Messy on the Spiritual Path
Too many people think that it’s all light and roses on the spiritual path. It gets muddy, frustrating, and enraging too. It’s not a pristine path because life isn’t pristine. Near to the bottom of the post, I really hit my stride after encouraging you to use different healing modalities to you engage with your shadow. Here’s the quote that I like:

“So for all of you who think spirituality is only about feeling good, high-states, bliss, love, and what-not, I encourage you to re-think that. You’re creating a hugely powerful and overwhelming shadow side of unexpressed feelings. You are also your anger, sadness, rage, depression, and debilitating fears.”

We are everything. We can’t leave anything behind.

Blog 3: The Ego and the Shadow: The Dysfunctional Couple Within Us
This is a look at how our ego and our shadow get locked into a battle that does not serve us. It’s another blog inviting you to drill down into the repressed parts of yourself and ask what is it that you’re really after. Until you understand what you’re trying to get, you won’t really even understand the battle going on. It may make you feel quite lost, but at any given moment, you can let it all go. You really can let everything dissolve, and you will be okay.

Plenty More Shadow To Come

I know that I haven’t blogged enough about this topic, but in general, check out June 2011 if you want more. There’s so much that we try to run from, and strangely enough, a lot of it are often our gifts and our true abilities. We get so lost in trying to be what we think will be acceptable in society, and in the process we forfeit ourselves and our gifts. How sad is that? It’s time to stop. It’s time to take a look back and to bring all of ourselves into the light.


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