I have been a spiritual teacher since 2010, and I’ve learned a lot since then. I have yet to find “energy.” What I have found are unnamed subconscious emotional and physical responses. These include:

  • General unresolved emotions
  • Trauma
  • Forgotten ego associations
  • Excessive stress
  • Poor lifestyle habits, and many other explainable human experiences

Please read this post with this in mind. What matters most is that you get the right support, not that you just believe in an idea like “energy.” The first step for everyone is to do inquiry to make known what may seem mysterious. These two posts can help you do the inquiry you need to do:

What Is Spiritual Inner Work?

Discovering Unconscious Associations and Feelings

Additionally, I recommend watching this 2023 video.

My last blog touched on the nature of energy, but I wanted to dedicate this post to more fully discussing this point. The nature of energy is to flow effortlessly. I don’t intend this post to be any kind of scientific treatise. In truth, science is very limited in what it can explain despite its enormous popularity in many aspects of secular Western Society. That does not devalue its importance, but it simply points out that it is a certain kind of lens or perspective. In any regards, my discussion is–while channeled from spirit–offered through my lens. Subsequently, my thoughts come with their own distinct and limited perspective, but I hope that this will be helpful to those of you as you are opening or those of you who have had an awakening. Because you may suddenly feel so amazing interconnected and not know exactly how to be with that.

Just Being With What Is

The nature of all our barriers and shields is to protect us, and the core error of duality is to think that we need so much protection. I’m not going to say that we don’t learn to consciously shield ourselves from the occasional bullets that life fires at us, but the level of “protection” that people think they need is far, far, FAR beyond what is necessary. People are the energetic equivalent of wearing full suits of armor with bullet-proof vests and force-fields around all of that. Subsequently, there is no real flow in their lives. Everything feels forced. But where the spiritual path takes us is towards a removal of all that armor. Each piece that gets taken off will make you feel lighter, more free, and more vulnerable. Most of you will have to get used to being vulnerable. A lot of times people describe an abrupt spiritual opening or healing as making them feel very raw. This can be a time when there’s a lot of emotional purging; tears, anger, and fears are coming out. A chink in the armor made enough space for something to leave. It can also become exhausting if you don’t know how to replenish your energy. You can make the wrong assumption that something isn’t right and that you need to put the armor back on.

But what you really need to learn is how to just be with it. You are tapping back into your natural soul consciousness. You really do know what you need to do, and there is a level of deep relaxation that comes with it. I recently had a very wonderful well-wisher tell me how relaxed my blog makes her. Where does that relaxation come from? While there is a lot of energy in this blog, it is coming from her and the letting go of that armor and shielding. Dropping into that space of natural connection with herself, energy can just flow harmoniously and make the shifts that are appropriate with minimal guidance.

The Nature of Flowing

Energy naturally wants to flow. If there’s a metaphor that I think works best, it’s that of water. Water just flows. If you dam it up, then more and more water builds behind that dam. A lot of pressure builds up, and it can overwhelm the dam and burst. Then water is flying everywhere and rushing out. Things get messy. This is essentially what many people’s spiritual awakenings are like. It’s also another reason why people think they need to rebuild the dam. They feel out-of-control and overwhelmed, but the initial parts of awakening are just that: the beginning. Overtime, the water will return to its natural flow, although there will be times of greater and less movement. That’s simply the way of life.

As you go through your spiritual path, the removal of internal barriers makes room for more and more flow. This flow is very mindful and intelligent. It doesn’t just go wherever and do whatever everyone else is doing. Your internal flow is not a lemming following a bunch of other lemmings off the cliff. I have to imagine that Mahatma Gandhi was very much in the flow, but just look at how much external world resistance he faced. To the points of other great teachers, success in the internal world doesn’t necessarily look like success in the outer world. While we don’t simply spurn any feedback and reflections that we get from the external world, we do learn to become very attuned to ourselves, our intuitions, and where our natural internal flow is taking us to make sure that external world feedback is actually pertinent and appropriate for us.

Letting Your Guard Down: The Infinite Power of Defenselessness

This subhead can easily be misinterpreted, so let me be clear that this doesn’t mean wandering around with a huge stupid grin on your face through a demilitarized zone. This is about letting go of your ego’s need to defend everything. It really is trying to defend everything too. It’s trying to make sure you only have certain kinds of feelings and experiences and thoughts. Anything new tends to be categorized as a threat. Although for some egos, continuing to do the same-old thing is a threat to them, so they are trying to constantly do something new to defend a viewpoint about how they should be experiencing life.

Just let it all go.

It’s not real.

Your own internal flow is already taking you where you need to go. Every place you resist your internal flow is like building a new dam, and if you build too many, you get stuck. So many people write to me and tell me how they feel stuck. But the truth is that they DO know where to go. You really do. But so often we don’t do what we’re supposed to because we’re afraid that it can’t be done or that we’ll be hurt in some way by doing it. If anything else, I do my best to be a model of how embracing one’s fullness is the most powerful and sustainable way of living possible. It’s not that your story will look anything like mine, but I believe that the universe provides us with everything that we need when we are fully connected to ourselves. Because when we’re fully connected to ourselves, we are also fully connected to everything else. That’s the nature of the infinite energy and the fabric of the universe that we’re all part of.

A Glimpse Into Jim’s Spiritual Path

Many of you have only been reading my blog for a couple of months or maybe even a year. Very few of you have been reading since I officially started in August of 2010. I’d been writing a few blogs before that on this site, but they really weren’t oriented the way I write now. I was still doing a lot more self-discovery, and while I still have a lot of unveiling going on inside myself, the primary focus of this blog became teaching and supporting others in mid-August. But in July 2010, I was still resisting this path. I still thought there was something that I needed to learn or some kind of external approval that I needed to be a spiritual teacher. And all of that was nonsense and lies of the ego that were keeping me painfully small. I had no idea how doing this work would support me, and while this work is still growing, the financial means have appeared in other shapes to allow me to do this in the form of freelance writing. In the meantime, I have had plenty of time to take care of my energy and shift more deeply by working at home. It’s been an amazing thing to watch how supported and nourished I have been, and of course, all of you wonderful readers and those of you who have become students have done SO MUCH to help support me energetically with your love and kind intentions. So thank you for being very much a part of my process because we are all energy and we are all interconnected. Even though we may never meet or talk to one another, those natural energy connections are always at work.

Becoming Boundless

So that’s a little bit about me and how I’ve had the support of the universe. In truth, I stopped resisting myself. The more you resist yourself, the more divided you are. It makes it impossible to “succeed” at other things, and while I use the term succeed loosely (because it’s too narrow of a term in this world), you do know the difference between the ease of life and where life is just a constant struggle. What are you struggling against? The world? No. It’s you. You’re fighting yourself because you’re not thinking, doing, and being as you truly desire. Just let go of that struggle. Let it all go, and let yourself start to enjoy the deeper connection in boundlessness.

Tips for Getting Deeper Into Your Energy Work

I gave a number of tips about energy work for those who are already more defenseless than they know how to handle in my last post. I also wrote to those of you in awakening about rebuilding boundaries awhile ago. While I am not supporting the idea that you have to have new shielding, I do think that it’s helpful at times to know how to deflect the general malaise and dis-ease that this world likes to pass around. Most people are taught to try and get rid of their upset feelings by transferring them to someone else. This shows up in a couple of forms such as:

  • Yelling at others
  • Getting in fights
  • Malicious gossiping or office water-cooler bitching
  • Or even overly intense work-outs to try and sweat everything out (I mean really intense. There’s a difference between a hard exercise routine, and the person who is just destroying their body so they don’t feel what they’re feeling)

Here are three more tips for learning about your energy and all the places where you aren’t flowing.

  1. Observation. Observation is another term for simply bringing awareness to yourself. Start with just noticing how your body feels on a regular basis. The body is the densest form of energy we have (which is why it can also take the longest to release stuff from there). See where you feel relaxed and easy in your body, and see where you are tight, uncomfortable, or in pain.
  2. Finding the Underlying Issues. For most of us, everything that happens to us gets stored in our physical body, emotional body, intellectual body, and energy body. Each level has to be cleaned out, which is why you can feel like you may deal with issues over and over again. In those places that are tight or in pain, start to explore what thoughts and feelings are associated with those areas. I recommend meditating for at least 15 minutes before doing this, and then focus on a specific area and write down what comes up.
  3. Long Explorations. These explorations may take awhile, and it will usually start with giving yourself the mental space to trust yourself and not write this all off as New-Agey crap. I mean, you can do whatever you like, but if that low-back pain isn’t responding to all the physical therapy, massage work, and ice-packs you put on it, it may be time to open up your mind to something else.
  4. Releasing Blockages and Restoring the Flow. This may happen easily or not. Different areas of your body will be ready to release at different times. There are many different tools that you’ll need to release things. Sometimes, just talking about it to a friend will help as you vocalize what the pain is about. Sometimes, you’re going to need to cry it out. Sometimes, you do need an energy healer like me to help clear the way, although I’ve found that this is often better as a last resort after you’ve done as much work on yourself as possible. If you aren’t ready to heal a core issue, removing a blockage will be temporary because you’ll just re-create it.

Flowing to New Things in Your Life

Most of all, dropping into the flow will feel vulnerable and most likely take you straight into the unknown. You’re going to have to give yourself the space to do new things, to NOT feel comfortable in your normal ways of living, and to generally trust the process. As long as you’re doing your internal work, you’re going to be heading in the right direction, and of course, staying in tune with your inner knowing is absolutely key. However, I’ve found that the more in the flow I am, the more clear my inner knowing is. I’ve definitely had some times where I feel a little blind or unclear, but I’ve found my way through those as well. If you ever feel really unclear, ask for help or for outside perspective. But generally, you do know where you’re going and what you really want. The nature of energy is to flow and to be interconnected to everything at all times. Sometimes cold currents pass through, and then hot ones follow. It’s that nature of this great big ocean of energy that we’re all part of. Trust it, and trust the currents your own life is generating. You’ll likely find all that you are really looking for and that which matters most.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.


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    I cannot express how much richness your sharing brings to my life. I have been following your writings probably close to when you went "live". Your message has so much healing strength for me. Thank you.

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