There’s a lot of new terminology out in the world of spirituality, and oftentimes, these terms are very confusing or actually obscure instead of illuminate meaning. I work very diligently to make this blog as accessible as possible (although considering the number of people starting to use Google Translate to read this in other languages, there is only so much I can do. Lord knows how some of this is coming through in translation). Consequently, I encourage those of you with questions to ask them in the comments section on any post where you are confused. I’ll do my best to clarify the things that I’ve said that don’t make sense.

So, I’m sure more than a few of you have no idea what “raising your vibration” really means. I hope to clear that term up, which in all honesty isn’t a term that I care to use a lot.

Vibration, Density, and Pseudo-Scientific Terms

Consider that life ranges from dense material to very light material. When an object is its solid state, it is the most dense. Think of this like a rock. Rocks are very dense and hard. Not much gets through to them without using a lot of external force on it. The next major layer up of density is the liquid state. After that, things turn into a gas. At that point, the molecules are moving very quickly, so there is more space within the substance.

You can use that metaphor to think of raising your vibration. You are moving from a state that is very hard. You have hard thick walls. You don’t have a lot of flexibility. That’s what pain and fear and anger do. They constrict our growth, and in turn, we tend to attract others in similar states. Ever notice how some people simply stay put in one place their whole lives? Density can do that. They never really get enough energy moving to change the state of their lives. Now just because you live in one place doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily living at very low vibration. This is just an example, but you get the point.

Is Being at a Low Vibration Bad?

No. Of course, it’s not bad. It’s just where you are. I think this is a really important point to make because the way I hear some people using the term “vibration” makes it sound like people who aren’t doing this or who live in other states of awareness are bad or lost. We are all here to do what we’re all here to do. For those of you called to expand your awareness, that’s beautiful. Many others are not called. If they were, it’d be a very different world. Wherever any of you are right now is perfect. But in that total acceptance of the moment, you will get a sense if you are really moving at the vibration–if you are really living the life–that feels the most true to you.

Because what awakening does is to take you to your natural vibration. It’s not trying to “improve” you. You can’t get better. You are already perfect as you are, but if you are meant to be in a metaphorical gas state of consciousness instead of a rock’s state of consciousness, then you’ve got a lot of expanding to do. And that requires a lot of energy and oftentimes immense pressure on all those hard aspects of yourself to get them to open up. This is part of creating the crucible that can heat things up enough to change them. And you’re not becoming better than you’re old self. You are simply embracing change, and you’re embracing whatever it is that you want to truly be.

Awakening Fires and the Unlocking of Yourself

I’m already getting sick of the word vibration in this blog post. It’s not one of my preferred terms largely because of the idea of “raising.” We live in a world that has spent too much time focusing on hierarchies. So I don’t want you to get lost in this idea that you have to raise your vibration to be a good person or that this is some kind of game to make yourself stand out.

The only thing you really need to do is to find out what’s in your heart. Be that love. Be that truth. That’s what raises your vibration. It’s not an external event. Spiritual retreats and teachers are wonderful (I’m a spiritual teacher, so I’m kind of biased :). However, they are excuses for you to find the wisdom and love that is already inside you. If you think an external event is raising your vibration, then when that event is gone and replaced by a less preferable experience, you will drop down into more unconscious ways of being. (Unconsciousness is sometimes also used as a way to say lower vibration).

But when the fires of awakening ignite you, what is happening is that all the rocks and boulders of pain inside of you are being heated up. It can be excruciating. It can be very physical and emotional. Lots of stuff gets churned up to unlock the energy and your full potential that is trapped in a dense form. As I said before, this isn’t bad. You have to let go of this kind of good or bad dualistic thinking. Where you are is where you are. But if you are having an awakening, you chose it. You may not have chosen it from the space of your ego-mind, but your soul most certainly did. Now, you’ve got the fullness of your energy shifting you, and this is a powerful and beautiful and terrifying time. All you can truly do is to embrace it because holding on to anything will only intensify the pain of rebirth.

Letting Go of Useless Terms

At times, some terms won’t work for you. Just let them go. Let go of the term of vibration if it doesn’t work for you. In essence, this whole blog is dedicated to raising your vibration, but what I normally say is this:

Let go of pain
Be the love you already are

That’s what all the posts are doing. It’s really simple. At the center of it, spirituality is simple. I may even say to “remember the love you already are.” Because you have this wisdom already. It has simply gotten forgotten and buried by other things: pain, ideas about who you should be, and so forth. Your love is a high vibration, and it is very conscious about who and what you are and what you have to offer to this world. Pain leaves us constricted. Consider how the body feels when it is in pain. It clenches up. It’s tight. It’s hard. Go to a massage therapist to have a hands-on discovery of where you are hiding pain in your body. Feel the density of the locked up muscles when this person is working on you. They don’t feel good, healthy, or flexible.

So this whole raising your vibration thing also means because flexible, yet strong. Loving, yet wise to the realities of the world around you. The whole gas metaphor kinda doesn’t work as well as I’d like because you can be very firm and solid when you need to. True love gives you that grounded support, and it gives you the ability to choose to be solid, fluid, and or etheric.

Anchoring Love and Light in the Body

And one last term that I’ve heard that I do like is the term of “anchoring.” As your body lightens–i.e. embracing your light body, it’s important to anchor that awareness in the world. That’s why doing things from the space of love is so important. It helps you to raise the vibration of your whole being, including your body. No part of you is left out, and the more you have a uniform vibration throughout your being, the more you can interact with any element or aspect of your life with love. In truth, when you settle into a healthy, natural vibration on whatever level you need to be, life can become more effortless than ever before because you’re no longer shackled to huge boulders of pain. I can’t tell you how physical this has been for me. When a big issue has dropped out, I truly have felt physically lighter and more flexible. It’s an amazing feeling.

That is the gift of anchoring loving awareness in the body and not trying to hide from the difficulties that life, family, sexuality, and other more challenging issues present us. That is the gift of raising your vibration throughout the whole of you.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.


  1. I can't even tell you how much I love this post especially the notion of "anchoring" and doing things based in love. I felt like you were writing about the last three years of my life. I felt a huge shift in recently months and feel the weight of the world as well as a few pounds have been released because of it:-)

  2. This post really resonated with me, as so much of your writing does. I appreciate your sincere comments about "raising your vibration" and how it can be different for each of us and it's not a race to the top. This is an important point to make so that we don't let ego creep in to our awakening. I especially love your saying "Let go of pain. Be the love you already are." Beautiful. Thank you Jim!

  3. Hi Jim. Thank you for this post because you made me realize that I have thought this way at times about elevating vibration (being "elevated" compared to others, etc). But I have a question regarding this comment:

    "For those of you called to expand your awareness, that's beautiful. Many others are not called."

    Do you mean that not everyone is meant to be awakened? That it may not be in their life path prior to coming here on earth? That only a few of us are called to expand our awareness? Why is that?


  4. Hi Christiane. I dunno. Life is much bigger than me. 🙂 Everyone is here to experience whatever it is they choose to experience. Some souls may choose to experience unconsciousness of all kinds. They are as much of the great unfolding and shifting of the universe as those who feel called to awaken.

    As far as "a few of us" being called to awaken, I wouldn't say that. That would presume that I could do a census and then rate the number as many or a few. And if one awakening is like a nuclear blast, how does that influence the rest? I think in general there are some issues with the framework of thinking around this, dear one. Instead, I encourage you to not spend too much time looking to what others are doing in comparison to yourself. Simply embrace you and what you are called to do.

    Thank you for the comment and all your support, Christiane. Much love to you.


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