For most people, having no worries is an experience that is only glimpsed briefly, is surrounded by some kind of euphoric haze brought on by a temporary experience, or simply an illusory idea being sold by some charlatan spiritual teacher. But the truth of the matter is that we are all love. At the center of us is an abiding force of love and light that does not worry. It is not caught up in controlling the future because it knows that the future does not exist. Furthermore, the deep awareness that abides in all of you knows that the future is built out of the present moment anyway. The best way to build the future is through continued presence and awareness of the present moment. There is no other way to do it.

In letting go of the ideas of past and future, many of you who have moved through the many stages of awakening will begin to rest in a place of having no worries or concerns. This doesn’t mean life doesn’t have hardship of uncomfortable moments. I will continue to emphasize this point in all my blogs. Too many people confuse spiritual awakening with luxury, ease, and perfection. It isn’t any of those things, and as for perfection, most people don’t understand that word. The awakened self is simply aware of what is real, and it doesn’t waste energy in the vain attempt to control what is not.

What Is the Spiritual Path?

The Dissolving of Control and Fear

Fear is always leading to control. The ego thinks that if it can control life, then it will be safe. But as many of you know, attempts to control life fail more often than not, and the amount of energy and effort it takes to control others is exhausting. It will feel like stacking marbles in the corner. The minute you stop, everything breaks down. In moments like this, we are finding out how little control we have and where we are not necessarily integrity with the flow of life. I’ve always found that where I join with the flow of the divine will, things become soooo much easier. Where I’m trying to impose my will on something that the divine has no interest in, then it’s just so much grief and struggle with very little gain.

It’s best to let go of this illusion of control wherever you are on your path, and it is helpful to practice having faith that you will be taken care of.

The Space of No Action Is Not Without Action

The more your awakened self moves forward into your life and becomes your stable vibration, the more you will find out how little you really need to do. A lot of the desire to do things dissipates and disappears because most of those things are built on ego ideas.

Yes, you need food. So you earn enough to buy food and eat.

Yes, you need a home. So you earn enough to pay rent.

Yes, you have children. So you take care of them and love them.

But you don’t pile up activities to mindlessly keep yourself and your loved ones running about for no reason other than to feel busy. This is one of the ways that may people avoid themselves. In dissolving fear and old karmic issues, you will find a great deal of inner contentment. You will relax into the beautiful being inside of you, and you will be content to just be. This space does not need action to fulfill it. It is happy to be where it is. When the urge to do something arises, you will do it. That is it. It may require some thought, so you will plan it out. But you will not get lost in a frenzy. You will not feel the need to over-plan to account for every possible thing that could go wrong.

You will also not be a mindless drifter who has no sense of purpose and floats about. People get concerned about this, but in my experience, the stable awakened space is simply a space of clarity, not a hazy fog that is avoiding the physical world. So, as I said, you will know when to take action, but you will probably find out that the amount of action you really need in your life is much smaller than you have imagined.

The World Will Continue to Try and Distract You

Many of you will notice that the world will try to draw you into its games. The government will still want you to pay taxes. The bank will still want you to pay your mortgage. You will learn how to navigate these games. You will start to smile at them. During the Surviving the Awakening phase that I often talk about, there is usually a split occurring in people. You still are committed to the ego’s ideas and yet you have a foot in the spiritual world as well. During this time, you will often feel like you have to go back into this physical world. But it is always a matter of how you do something and not so much of having to do something. Furthermore, you will always be part of the physical world. And no matter how far away from civilization you may go–and retreating during the intensity of your spiritual transition can be a really good thing–you are still part of the physical world. Transcending the body doesn’t mean, forgetting, ignoring, or debasing it. You are still here in this body and in this world, and you will continue to learn about yourself even in the stable awakened awareness.

That’s why you will likely get distracted by the world. A beautiful woman walks by, and you feel desire again. Someone buys you a shiny new car, and you may suddenly care about having things again. It can be many things, but the awakened self will be very active. So if you do get distracted, at some point, you will realize that you have gotten distracted. You may say to yourself, “Oh, what a silly game I have been playing.” Then perhaps another veil of the illusory world is pulled away letting you rest even more deeply in your awakened self.

Spirituality and Discipline: Dedicating Yourself to the Spiritual Path

Taking Action in Causes

Yet, many of you see great pain and suffering in the world and are called to attend to it. If when you rest in your awakened self you are clear about what you want to do, then do it. That is all. There is no need to waste fear on worrying for others or for yourself. However, this awareness does not try to please itself or pat itself on the back. It’s not using a cause–such a supporting breast cancer or testicular cancer research–as a way to get applause, awards, and otherwise make itself feel good. You would do these things because you feel called to do them. Some days, you will be complimented. Some days, you will be insulted. If you are doing something to make yourself feel better or distract yourself from issues of your own, the days when you are not complimented will show you the error of your ways. You will doubt yourself. You will curse the other person, and you will fall back into the ego shell or simply see where it still is alive and running the show.

In truth, there is no way to fake your way into the awakened state. It simply is. It doesn’t require effort, but I see many people trying to smile and say spiritual things to act like it. They are, in fact, avoiding the most important cause of all–going inward. By avoiding this space and avoiding themselves, they are simply living in a fantasy world, and it doesn’t matter how many spiritual retreats and teachers you’ve sat with, you know the truth in your own heart.

Letting Go of Resistance

The Last Worry: Worrying About Having No Worries

During the transitional phase of making space for your awakened self in your everyday life, you may suddenly worry about having no worries. What a delightful thing? Here is the last worry. Here is the last ego attempt to draw you back into a space of fear. It says, “I must be forgetting something. I am feeling too good for this to be right. There are children to feed. Sicknesses to be healed. Why should I feel so good when there is still so much pain? What if I am ignoring or forgetting something?” And you will find your answers to your last worry as it comes up. I would simply say that having no worries is natural. It may feel unusual at first, but as you come to rest in your eternal awareness, you will find such ease and comfort here that you couldn’t imagine covering it up with illusory worries once more. You couldn’t imagine living in perpetual fear again.

As I said, there will be things to do as an awakened being. There will be grief. There will be change. There will be times to act. There will be times to pause and rest. There will be times to witness. There will be times for joy. There will be times for reunion, and there will be times for parting. All of these will flow in and out of your life as you rest more deeply in your awakened self, and you will simply allow that flow in you and around you to take you where you truly want to go in this lifetime without any fear or worry for the outcome.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.


  1. Thanks for your words Jim. All your posts connect with me after a major awakening a little under a year ago. I feel like I am being pulled in all directions. Up and down. Monday was filled with fear and anxiety in the morning, but go better as the day went on because I looked away from my ego. Tuesday was a great day because I just surrender to what is, Wednesday my dad's teachings are screaming in my head and telling me to get back to reality and work and worry because that is what you do stupid, Thursday I look inward and catch my ego at work again "aha", Friday Is worry free and at peace, Saturday I feel like a loser with deep fear inside that I have no direction "what is going on! How are the bills going to be paid! I am a terrible father!” ego ego judgment, Sunday is peaceful for the first half of the day, then fear and worry creeps back in at the end of the day because Monday is coming. And so on..

    Underneath it all (even the fear), I have a sense of knowing that things will work out. I just quickly lose sight of it but always come back to it.

  2. You're very welcome. I'm glad that my words can offer some comfort. Ah yes, here you are in the bouncing back and forth between the vibration of the ego and the awakened vibration. This too shall pass. 🙂

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