One of the amazing aspects of a spiritual awakening is how it can open us to new levels of perception and knowledge. Some of those levels include psychic abilities.

Let me pause here before you read the rest of this post written in 2013. It’s 2021 when I’m writing these second, third, and fourth paragraphs that are bolded and in red. I’ve learned A LOT since I first published this post.

Firstly, a lot of what people call psychic abilities actually are mental health issues predominantly related to trauma. What happens when a person is subject to trauma, multiple traumas, or even sustained traumas over YEARS? The mind breaks. It tries to find meaning. It tries to find escape. This manifests in all kinds of ways. One way is becoming highly sensitive, which really is just hypervigilant. The person is on the lookout for threat because they were so regularly threatened. This makes them feel sensitive to everything, but that is basically the body searching for danger. Another response can be a fantasy world where the person feels special, and that can manifest in all kinds of delusions–seeing spirits, etc. It can manifest in hearing voices because the dominant ego structure most people have has been shattered. Many of those inner voices would normally be suppressed by one ego, but without that health ego structure, the many voices are unrestrained and are often projected onto external things. And there are many, many more ways that a traumatized person will try to cope and escape and which are often called “psychic.”

So as you read the rest of this post, bear what I’ve said in mind. If you have trauma, you should find a therapist or continue to work with one as well as work with others who are trained healers. While I don’t limit the possibility of true psychic abilities, my experience has shown me that much of the psychic world comes from people who have been deeply wounded, and they’re in varying stages of trying to cope.

Using a Spiritual Teacher as a Therapist

How to Choose the Right Healer (recording)

I use psychic abilities very broadly. I outline a number of these abilities in a post dedicated to Psychic Healing. The fact is that most people have been ignoring these gifts, and some people have been using them inappropriately. So for many people, the unveiling and emergence of their psychic awareness requires a new mindset and some healing to come into alignment with it. In these regards, I felt like talking in more depth about psychic abilities and how they overlap and are different from spiritual awakening.

Everything Happens All At Once

Part of the amazing truth of this world is that everything is happening all it once. For some of you where time and place are illusions that no longer bind your eyes, you may even feel like you can see and experience all of time and all of the places interacting and shape-shifting in this one single moment. It’s kind of mind-blowing. I wouldn’t claim to have felt that in any experiential sense, but I know it to be true in my heart. And I can tell you that the more free you allow yourself to be, the more time and place truly only become concepts. You may use them from time to time to pick up the kids or go to work, but after that, they become more like toys that you may not feel beholden to pick up too often.

With that dissolution that can happen in the initial awakening shift, you may suddenly be absolutely overwhelmed by the information and awareness that suddenly bursts forward if you have very expansive psychic abilities. It’s kind of like suddenly realizing you have a whole left-side of your body that you’ve been ignoring. Because you’ve ignored it, it very likely has a lot of issues as well as is completely out of practice in operating in the world. That means that it’s time to get the horse back in front of the cart.

The Difference Between Psychic Awareness and Spiritual Awareness

I also blogged about this topic some time ago. Many psychics confuse seeing spirits, seeing the future, sensing energy, and so forth as a kind of higher or better spiritual awareness. But this is not how it is. It has nothing to do with being awakened or being more spiritual. As I said, psychic awareness is kind of like a part of your body. It’s a hand or a foot, and you can learn to do different things with them. Spiritual awareness is the integrity that is necessary to use your psychic awareness well.

With psychic awakening often occurring at the same time as some spiritual awakenings, it’s easy to confuse the two. But all that’s happened is that the awakening has turned the light switch on, and you can see everything in your life, which may include your psychic abilities. I think the best example of the two occurring at the time is in a movie called Wake Up. This is a very endearing and sweet documentary of man who had a psychic and spiritual awakening at the same time. Suddenly, one day he’s seeing spirits where the day before he couldn’t. It’s quite jarring to say the least, and those of you who have had a similar awakening, I can imagine you didn’t quite know what to do with yourselves. But it’s okay. Trust the process.

The Many Levels and Types of Psychic Emergence

Because psychic awareness is so poorly understood or narrowly defined, it is important for me to define it a little more. At some level, we all have it, but to differing degrees. At it’s most fundamental, psychic awareness is our awareness of the world beyond our five senses. In this way, our intuition and inner knowing is the basis of this type of awareness. It is also absolutely crucial because it will help those of you who have broader psychic abilities to feel what is true for you and how to best navigate your emerging gifts. Consider your inner knowing as a foundation or a compass or both. Without them, it is easy to get lost or to use your awareness in inappropriate ways (like intuiting others secrets and then gossiping about them; not nice at all).

From your intuition, it is a lot easier to move into other types of psychic awareness such as:

  • Energy awareness. This is really broad. It can include how you absorb others’ energy and connect with people. It can include being an energy healer. 
  • Channeling information from other beings or dimensions
  • Seeing the future. This can range from seeing what’s coming in your life in the coming months to seeing what’s coming for others to seeing macro-movements in the world consciousness and other dimensions.
  • Telepathy. This can range from reading other peoples actual thoughts or seeing images from them to interpreting impressions that their energy is sending out (because ultimately our energy is always sending out energy to the world and people around us).
  • Astral project/out of body experiencs
  • Seeing spirits and angels

The are more aspects of psychic abilities, and I only mean to give you an overview. The most important thing for the majority of you is to simply accept them as normal. That’s the first and most critical step into accepting your psychic gifts.

Awakening Speeding Up the Cycles of Emergence

For others of you who have stumbled upon the spirituality post and who haven’t had an awakening, psychic emergence can still be arising for you. It doesn’t need an awakening. An awakening kind of speeds everything up, but since the psychic awareness has always been there, it always wants to be noticed. Many people have the trouble of feeling others emotions and taking them on as their own. Until a person understands their gifts and understands why they take these emotions on, this is considered a problem and not a gift. So you see, as you turn to accept and embrace this awareness, you actually are starting down a path where you are going to feel much more comfortable in your own skin. Always remember that the greatest rejection we ever face in life is self-rejection. Nothing anyone else can do to us can compare.

The Dissolving of the Veils of Illusion

As you continue to embrace your awakening, more illusions fall away. It’s like unwinding yourself from multiple veils, and you may see more and more about yourself and others. This is a natural expansion of psychic awareness, and you’ll grow into it as much as you need to. Where people tend to get stuck is wherever they get afraid. All I can tell you is that so long as you stay connected to God and trust your inner knowing and your love, then you will be safe. Nothing can hurt you unless you energize it and give it form and access to do so to you. When I say this, I’m speaking more towards those who are interacting with spirit and other energy forms. And the best thing to do really is to draw your energy and awareness inward during the initial time of transition (and this can range from hours to years for different people). Get to know yourself. As new veils dissolve, just pay attention to what you can see about you. Don’t worry about what’s going on in the world. You will be ready for that when you’ve fully absorbed and owned your energy space. And in truth, whenever we fully accept and embrace ourselves, we are fully accepting and embracing the world.

The Deepening of Integrity and Responsibility

Regardless of if your ego thought it wanted these gifts or not, you have them. It’s important to recognize that they are here. Much like having a left hand, you can choose not to use it, but then, that means you’re actively ignoring a key part of yourself.

Along with getting to learn how to use these psychic gifts, you may find that you have a great deal of power. This requires the continued cultivation of integrity and responsibility. These gifts are meant to heal and to help. They are not meant to become tools for some crazy psychic combat or ways to steal secrets. Those are the ways of the unconscious ego which sees the world as split between good and evil, and the unconscious ego ultimately only cares about safety and what it can get for itself. And while I know some of you are initially scared by these gifts, you will be all right. You choose this life, and you will be able to learn how to use your psychic awareness appropriately.

You can’t go back either; there’s only pain back there. But what is ahead may be extraordinary. Always keep that in mind, especially when the ego and its programming is telling you all these scary stories in your head. Usually when we embrace our gifts and the fullness of ourselves, including our psychic awareness, the world can unfold and blossom for us in amazing and truly unexpected ways.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.


  1. How can you help the mind focus on the new energy and turn inwards to the new love that is already there. I know it is overwhelming but it has become more overwhelming not being able to focus on this new energy or to stay in tuned with it?

  2. Let your focus be here and now. Let the mind soften. Usually the problem is that the mind is still trying to understand everything and put it into its own terms. That can be helpful at times, but at other times, it's best to simply just be with the energy and the information that is coming to you. Your mind will naturally begin to re-adjust.

    But if you keep scrambling to understand everything and try to focus in a way that is familiar and comfortable, you will quickly get lost and overwhelmed. Also, if you are still trying to lead a busy and active life in the external world, I encourage you to stop most of it. So long as you can take care of your means to live, the rest is superfluous and generally a distraction from listening to yourself and coming into your natural inner harmony.

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