We’re treated to another beautiful poem from my student, Rach. I hope it offers you some beauty in your day and a warm welcome to the home that resides within all of you at all times. The picture is hers as well. 



A myriad of matter
in many forms
Gift to these eyes

I fall fearless
held in this wholeness.
Seamless serenity swells while
Songs of safe surrender sung.

Filled fully,
flowing freely.
Freedom’s giant gentle force
feeds me, leads me.

Luminous, I am light
Calm, anchored,
centered in and am Source.

a shift.
Another smokey veil’s been dropped
Open-mouthed, I’m stopped,
stood still in the street.

I’ve strolled slowly,
swam softly, sinking, floating
in a sea of sacred
sounds, sights, smells, senses,

In awe, aware of all
as is.
Simply is.
unnamed and unframed.

All that I believed,
how and what I perceived
just before
Gone, is no more.

Shattered smokey screens
that once blocked and shadowed seeing
Broken open by beaming light, bright quiet Being baring all.

All walls fall.
This long lost love lends itself to all,
leaping, swirling, twirling, tingling,
merging with all.

Waves of loves wondrous timeless tender touch like thunder roars and soars.
What was me, the sense of space from where I see and be
is swallowed by the swells
of a timeless, faceless, spaceless sea.

I am this and that and all and none.
Will never end.
Never begun.

All is still.

Crisp and clear.


Nothing to fear.

All that’s real is here.
Nothing need be known,
Nothing need be thunk or need be done.
All dissolved.
Nothing to be solved.

Source has sucked me in
I’m swallowed whole
Boundless soul

Full of an empty space and Grace.

I am home.


  1. So beautiful! And blessed! May it always be so. Many blessings to you and your student!

  2. I'm seeing this posted/quoted on social media already. Full author attribution at the bottom would be awesome, if your student wants her name associated with such wondrous words. 🙂

  3. Yes, she knows. But as you may realize, it's a wild, wild world out there on the Internet, and you need to be ready for that kinda of attention. On what site did you see this on social media?

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