This compilation of blogs is meant for the person who has come through the initial transitions of spiritual awakening. It’s after the great fears have been dropped and inner peace and tranquility have become an abiding state that these posts pick up the next threads of the story. Because if you have come to this space, you will see that you are still shifting. You will see that this inner space of tranquility and love is so amazingly still and yet also changing and dynamic. This brings with it other interesting issues to be aware of in your life.

For some of you, these posts are gentle encouragement. There truly is no end point to awakening. Awakening simply is. For others, it may seem like a lens to the future or some impossibility, but just remember that the awakened state is always here within you. It is fully attainable for all of you because it is you. And for yet others, this may simply be a joyous reminder of all that you already know.

Recommended Posts About Abiding Awakening

Meet Me on the Playground

After settling into the awakened space, is there really anything left but to enjoy and play in life?

When There’s Nothing Left But Love

Love becomes a regular state of awareness because love simply is. This changes what we want from the world. This blog post offers more thoughts on how this influences the choices we make.

The Relentless Embracing of the Awakened State

The ego is always looking to rebuild its old stories with new players and scripts. This post talks about how we all have to be relentless in melting back into that awakened state to cultivate the consistency of awakened awareness.

The Rhythm of Resting in Awakened Awareness

This post talks about how dynamic and changing stillness truly is.

Spiritual Awakening Signs Subside: You Come Fully to Life

There’s nothing like having the fatigue from awakening go away…or to have the eating restrictions relax. Yes, this shift from asleep to awake does have its benefits, and after such intensities, it’s nice to see the other side–which was always right here within you.

Dissolving the Veils of Illusion

Many of you continue to let go of deeper and deeper held illusions. This post talks more about how that process can continue to unfold after you’ve processed the initial fires of awakening.

Still Waiting for Your Awakening Merit Badge

How do you know when awakening is done? Is there a reward? This post talks a little bit about the ego still hanging on to external rewards and approval.

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