In today’s poem from my student, Rach, we get to go on a lovely journey. It is the essence of the spiritual journey we are all on. It is a journey of knowing, then forgetting, and then remembering. I hope you enjoy her phrases and her wit.

Love to you all!

— Jim

I See You

I see you
Yes, you
The you that hears this from your core

I see you
Yes you
The you that was and is you before…

   before your glories
   before your shame
   before your doings
   before your names

I see you
Yes, you
The you beyond, between, and after your life story and your life’s frames

But this “I” that sees
sometimes forgets
That at my very core
I am also that which is beyond, between, and before…

   before my glories
   before my shame
   before my doings
   before my names

And so this me sees you
through the writings of its story
Functions from within its frames
And holds its old pose accordingly

This me sees
and all is fine
until you or your story
doesn’t fit or sit with me or mine

Then I don’t see you
My view is skewed
With frame polish in my eyes

I don’t see you
You’re now imbued
With p’s and q’s
Crossed t’s and dotted i’s

In my forgetting
I’m not connecting
Just interacting
Role-playing, acting
With a projected you
There’s a deflecting, a neglecting
of our very being, our very souls

As the drama of this disguise
Heats up, intensifies
It cannot last
This me is burned right through
And I’m brand new


I look into, behind your eyes
Once again I am, we are realized
As the being beyond, before both you and me that is seeing

I see you
That ancient you
Yes, you
Unimbued, unskewed
What more could one ever wish to do?

Only this and say to you…

For all the times this was not the case
I offer you an eternal embrace
And an invitation to meet in this I to I place

And if we do, if we feel to share our stories
Might we strip them of their glue like glories
As with our frames
Might we ensure they don’t override, reject
This open canvas that may be ours to share

Whatever ensues
My promise to you
Until this body dies
Is to declare…

I see you
Yes, you
I to I


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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