I have the lovely honor of getting to share another poem from one of my students. I hope you enjoy the lilt and twirl of her words of truth on this humble like blog page. The picture to the left is also a gift from her.


I Seeing Me

All is swept and spun in this soft tremendous tidal swell
Waves of Truth, clear-seeing, rush in to show and tell
Stirring up, forced into seeing
unconscious woes or ways
that hinder and haze
A fog that delays and stifles the depth of sinking and seeing into Being

This made-up me, fixed only in fiction,
A montage of a body, thoughts, and emotions shifting
Awash now in this still and stormy sea, healing
as the haze subsides gradually revealing
what I’m comprised of as this little “me”

Chattering mind, memories, moments
Unconscious beliefs, behaviors, conclusions
ingrained, insistent, clinging components
and those dropping in only for a moment

One such component etched into the depths,
Nestled right in, glued, cemented, and pasted
The belief that I am lesser and tainted
The darkness and stuckness playing out this role
Brewed a soul squashed and stuck into a hideout hole

Swallowed by this depiction
of a me beyond repair
A confusion, a friction
arose amidst the despair
Something inside suddenly shouted to declare

A giving up, a  letting go, a full surrender
slicing swiftly and softly through the noise and the blur
A deep breath and a silence assuaging my long lost Spirit so tender
In this opening I remembered…

My essence is beyond and before
all of this “me” display
And that its all a dynamic divine play
A felt sense, a bodily flutter, a thought, a mutter, an emotional fluster
There in a moment
And gone, just a component
a manifestation
in the constant flux and flow that is creation

Always supported, I am still held, led in this shifting and showing
By this deepened, humming, glowing knowing
that I am more than this limited human
A free flowing form through which life is simply being
Ready to see, release, let go, be free
of a fictitious fixed and finite me
Something watches from stillness and sees…

What’s taking place
Is Grace itself unfolding
growing in knowing
Of its own faceless face
Flourishing and nourishing
it’s emptiness offering itself its own enlightening embrace.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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