Here is the latest poem from my student, Rach. Since Rach has been our poet in residence for awhile, I wanted to point out some of her earlier spiritual poems for those of you who are new to the blog and haven’t seen them yet.


I Am


Journeying Home to My Heart

A swell of deafening silence, a magnetic stillness
Dwells in and beyond me
Arisen within, its echoes embrace and enchant
The cells of my inner wisdom and prison

A paradox, a stillness that shakes up and has loosened
Freed clinging fear, fueled figures groaning “I’m not good enough, I can’t!”
A paradox, a silence that whispers so loudly
“You are free, you know, to leave and no longer cloud me”
This chant a chime, dancing rhythmical rhyme
cuts like a diamond through glass
Waves washing, clearing, cleaning all in its way
reverberations of which invite love in to stay

Lending it’s open arms
love emanates its unequivocal charm
setting off bellowing bells and alarms
for the figures now more fearful
that love’s in the house
Along with silence and stillness
a frenzy fires up, “What is this?!”
fear circles its cells like a frantic little mouse

This and the swell and I’m tearful and calm
Knowing that love has returned home and is in truth what I am
The alarms and the fear and the mouse and the figures
The noise and the shakiness and the waves swishing-swashing inside
Are all part
Of the journey back to my eternal home in my heart


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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