Oh goodie. Another poem to share from my student, Jackie. Such a joy to read and share such work on this humble little blog. I hope it inspires you. I hope it encourages you to go within to find that Truth and Love that is already there within you. I hope it helps you to find your inner glow and to shine in your everyday life.

The Glow

The light found inside the dark is where I go
emptying myself at it’s throne
leaving behind all shadows
I rest in that place
still and deep
it beams it’s glow
everlasting life
no place else to go
but here….
where the radiance becomes me
until there is nothing else
until all darkness disappears
and yet it can still be seen
but it is not real
only make-believe

Only love pretending
expressing as it wants to see
all forms have freedom
all light has union
because everything is already joined within
cannot be felt outside
for there is no such thing
only inside
only within
where the glow of the candle burns
where you are no more
returned back to your source
married again to the Lover
dissolved into no other
you have found Home.
It called you back
you turned
and found your self welcomed
by the Self you have always known.

Remember my dear when you look at your face
when you gaze into those eyes
remember your Home
the only truth
the final goodbye
and kiss the soul into infinity
where there is nothing else
where you don’t know who you are
where history has been erased
where longing has lost it’s face
and wanting has vanished from the trace of your lips
this is it here

Remembering the simplicity of this
I laugh and catch my breath.
Yes, this is all there is.
Beaming it’s phosphorescence from inside the Universe
carried within
magic. stars. brilliance. creativity.
silent simplicity.
unending eternally.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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