I have the wonderful fortune to attract wonderful spirituality poets. This latest poem comes from my student, Jackie. I hope you all enjoy her way of sharing spiritual truth.

In general, you can always check out the varied voices of spiritual experience from my students under this “Thoughts from a Student” link.


The Happiness Which Does Not Cease

There is a happiness that does not cease
there is a happiness that runs from
the river to the creek
from your house to mine
to the human from the Divine.

Yes, I hold your heart inside of mine
it is the love which writes all the lines
into the story of my life
onto the painted murals of this mind.

In visions which draw me near
closer inside the burning flame of your love
deeper into the fire, which takes all of me
inside it’s all consuming power of Peace.

My power is only You
in that which moves through
I stand inside your arms and legs
my beating heart is your knock on my door

Where you enter again and again and again
until you leave no more, but dwell
in the eye of my Soul–
where you have always been.

I love you through your people
through the silence which unites.
I hold the light sacred
into the mysteries of night.

I come to You, naked
for I can no more hide
You see through All of me
and now I know that I am You,

there really is no me.

I can do no thing apart from You
my every dance is Your Song of Praise.
You fill me over with your scent
Now it is All that I can sense.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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