I’ve read this poem by my student, Jackie, a couple of times, and I encourage you to do so as well, preferably out loud. There’s something about certain poems that begs to be spoken and not quietly read, but you are welcome to do that all the same. But if you do read this out loud, I encourage you to listen closely to the cadence of the words. See if you hear the tremors of Truth and feel the rumblings of Love inside you that may get stirred up from that place of “unending” within you.



Feelings fade into a vacantness
which houses them all
in rooms no longer used
or occupied by Truth.

And in the Silence, a fullness
births them anew,
filling the space
beyond that which they contain
into a beautiful unendingness.

Here is where my prayers are heard,
but also spoken.
I speak them to my Self
out of emptiness
inside fullness
for I cannot stop praising this life,
this wonder-filled existence.

And there is a quietness pervading
which gives pause to the lips.
What can I speak
when everything already is….

I see You…as me
each “I” experience
more of my Self.

And I would bow at your feet
each and every one of You
and be your servant
for I am Love’s servant
and you are Love expressing
this sameness that we are

That is why I see a different face
a different body
a different mind moving,
but the same soul,
the same essence
merged inside
where I feel my own
over and over.

I want to know your heart
for it is mine that
I am caring for.

What goes on inside you?
What is felt as life for you?
Tell me.
Let this that we are
be our only bestowal,
giving all that we ever need,
yet so much more.

We need nothing more than that which we are.
I will be with you here.
I will meet you.
There is no where else to go
but deeper into here and now,
travelling through the tunnel of eternity
into infinity where my heart explodes
and joins with all the matter of space
from which we came.

You can love me here,
where there is no more of me,
but I do not need you.
Wholeness already is.

We are only celebrating together,
reveling in our expressions,
falling deeper into that which we can never know
but only feel
and know is Real.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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