This spiritual allegory continues the story that I began some time ago. To catch up on this tale, you can read both “The Coming of the Great Master Part 1” and “The Coming of the Great Master Part 2.” There’s an interpretation of the allegory available if you are interested as well.

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After coming to the Village as prophesied, the Great Master quietly and humbly did her work in all the dark, polluted places of the Village, and no more dark and polluted were the hearts of the Believers who had spent so much time and effort to prepare for her. For they were truly poorly prepared for her arrival, and even after their repentance, other issues soon came to light.

She sent them to tear down the great house that they’d built. She sent them to redistribute the food and clothing. But as they got ready to do as she’d instructed, other thoughts soon surfaced.

“Why should we tear down such a beautiful place,” the man in the yellow robe said to the others. “We spent so much time to create it. It would be a waste to get rid of it. I’m sure we can find a use for it.”

The other Believers agreed, and before long, the man in the yellow robe had set up his home in that space originally intended to house the master. Living there, he enjoyed the great tapestries and the multi-colored light that streamed in through the beautiful stained glass windows.

All the while the hardships in the Village–which had lessened since the coming of the great master–continued. Poverty continued. Fights and arguments proliferated, and disease and hunger were rampant. Nonetheless, the Believers felt above the needs of the Village and blamed the others for not being righteous enough to be as lucky as they.

This mentality continued to grow in the Believers’ hearts and minds, and as the woman in the red robe took on the task  of redistributing all the food, she soon found herself sampling more and more of the stores of cold cuts, fruits, pies, and sumptuous nuts.

“Why should I give away such good foods anyway? Surely others will get by as they always have,” she thought to herself.

In the following days, she carried more and more food out in her sacks to her own home, filling her larder to overflowing. Soon she began to grow quite large, having difficulty in moving about in her daily life. But she saw no issue with this and happily gorged herself on the free sustenance.

The man in the blue robe took little interest in the house they’d built or the directions of the master. Instead, he took more and more interest in the master’s body. He found himself secretly coveting being with her and wondering what it would feel like to make love to her. But any time he came near, she would ask if the Believers had done what she’d requested. He would answer, “No,” and quickly leave to continue watching her from afar.

The woman in the green robe also watched the master from afar, not from sexual interest, but with jealousy. She coveted the attention the master received, and she tried to mimic the movements and words that the master used to heal and to teach. But the people with whom she tried this felt nothing. Their illnesses or misunderstandings continued. Thus, the woman became even more jealous of the master and her abilities, and the green-robed woman’s heart darkened.

The man in the orange robe became angry soon after the master had given her instructions. He did not like being told what to do, so he preached against her. He told others that the master was leading them astray and that the divine wisdom she shared was nonsense. He developed a following, and soon the Village became more divided than it had ever been. Conflict and fights sparked in even the most peaceful neighborhoods, and rumors of potential wars with other towns began to circulate.

The newest Believer garbed in a brown robe believed that since he hadn’t done any of the things that the other Believers had done that the master’s instructions did not apply to him. So he disregarded the directions and went about his business, largely ignoring the master and her work.

Lastly, the woman in the purple robe did nothing. She let all the others do as they choose. She spent her days in idleness and partook of lazy gossiping about the problems the Village continued to experience, assuming that the others and the master were doing the work that really needed to be done.

Word of the actions and lack of actions reached the master, so she journeyed to visit each of them to peer more deeply into their hearts. First she came to the man in the yellow robe who had surrounded himself by the wealth that had originally been gathered for her.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Dear master…I…um,” he stammered.

“I told you to tear this place down and give back all this wealth to the Village to continue the healing of this town. Why have you not done this?”

But he could not look at her, and his greedy heart wanted to cling onto his reasoning, unwilling to share even that little bit of himself with her.

In gazing into him, she saw this and nodded. “If you do not do as I ask, you will soon be taught a great lesson about your greed.” With that, she left, and the man in the yellow robe breathed a sigh of relief.

“A great lesson, ha!” he thought. “I would be foolish to give up such wealth. What possible reason would I have for living like a pig with those others? If they aren’t smart enough to gain wealth as I have, then they deserve what they get.”

With those thoughts, he did nothing, and a lesson soon came to him.

Next, she went to the woman in the red robe who had become grossly obese. She had grown so fat that she could not stand unassisted and now had servants to help her lift her body through doorways.

“Look at you, dear sister. What has happened for you to go astray?” the master asked.

But the woman was so buried in her own flesh that she could barely gurgle a response.

“You must leave off this great consumption of goods before it destroys you, sweet one,” the master stated and departed.

The thought of no longer eating so many sweet and wonderful foods was now more appalling to the woman in the red robe than any other threatening happenstance. So she too disregarded the master’s warning and continued to gorge herself.

The master went looking for the woman in the purple robe, but could not find her in the markets or her place of work. Instead, she found her still lounging bed.

“Why have you not gotten out of bed yet? It is the middle of the afternoon,” the master asked.

“Oh yes. I meant to get up soon.” But soon after saying these words, she rolled back over and started to snore once more.

“Wake up!” the master shouted, startling the woman.

“Oh, well, there’s no need to shout.”

“Yes, there is, or I would not have done it. Sometimes, a shout is the only way to get the attention of one such as you. Your Village is unraveling. Dissension is growing, and you do nothing.”

“I’m sure one of the others will do something.”

“Or perhaps not. You and the others have all grown quite sick, sicker than I’d first thought. But you too will have a lesson come and visit you very soon if you do not soon take the initiative to act.”

The woman in the purple robe was troubled by this, but she quickly fell back to sleep to more lazy dreams of lying in the grass and doing nothing.

The man in the blue robe was not hard to find as he’d been following her the whole time.

The master turned around, “Why are you following me?”

“I had an idea…uh…something to share.”

“No you did not. You have been dreaming of my body and having me as a sexual partner. This must end. I am not here as a toy for desire and illusion. Do not confuse the image of my body with the deeper union you truly desire. These animal passions in you must be purged or else you too will soon be met with a difficult lesson.”

The man in the blue robe quickly agreed outwardly, but once she was gone, he began following her again from a slightly farther distance and continued his erotic nightly dreams and fantasies about her.

Elsewhere, the woman in the green robe and the man in the orange robe had teamed together. When the master found them, they were whipping a small crowd into a frenzy.

“There! There is the heretic. False prophet, I say to you…”

“Such nonsense. Such deceitful anger and envy. You two will have the hardest lessons yet if you do not repent and see the errors of your ways.” She spent even less time with them as she knew the truth. She knew that the pain of God’s lessons would have to be applied directly and potently before they would see. No words from her would change that.

And they showered her with curses as she left.

Lastly, she found the newest believer. While believing that her original instruction to tear down the house and to go out with a candle doing service wasn’t meant for him, he had been spending time in his neighborhood tending to the issues of his people.

“I see you are still here. You do not believe my instruction applies to you,” she said.

“Well, I didn’t do all that they did.”

“But you have joined their cause. You call yourself a Believer. And if you cannot listen to the instruction from a messenger of God, how can you truly call yourself a Believer?”

His mouth moved wordlessly, as he saw his error.

“Now go, take a candle from that great house, and do as I say. Be of service to the other towns. Live in rags. See who will take you in. See who will feed you. See who will clothe you,” the master said.

And he did this. The believer in the brown robe got his candle from the great house to illuminate his path and stepped out into the unknown to pave his path of service. He left just as the first great lesson came to visit the man in the yellow robe.

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