Those of you who have been following this blog for some time know that I like to write spiritual allegories from time to time. It lets my inner fiction/short story writer come out to play and share with all of you. 

Plus, it’s a nice way to change the tone of the blog from the more overt teaching that I usually do to a more subtle teaching. In any event, this page is a collection of those stories I’ve written thus far.

I have also added in the interpretations for those of you who want to know more about the symbolism that is within the stories. If you need a recommendation for where to start, I still love “A Chance Encounter With Love.” 


Spiritual Allegories and Stories

The Tale of the Butterfly

Interpretation of The Tale of the Butterfly

Awakening the Fool

Interpretation of Awakening the Fool

A Chance Encounter with Love

A Spiritual Thing Happened on the Way to the Market

Spiritual Stories Part of the Jim Tolles Extended Universe

Since making extended universes is all the rage in the cinematic world, I felt like doing so here with my spiritual allegories. You can follow the character arcs of the Master, Ruby, Mikayla, Maya, the rancher and ClearSky, and many others as they interweave and interconnect with one another.

Stories Focusing on The Master

The Coming of the Great Master: Part 1

The Coming of the Great Master: Part 2

Interpretation of The Coming of the Great Master

The Great Master Teaches: Part 1

The Great Master Teaches: Part 2

Interpretation of the The Great Master Teaches

The Master and the Sea of Kurbus

The Weeping Man

The Village That Sings

The Ruins of Xerxes

The Secret of Xerxes

Forging a Beginning

Stories Focusing on Ruby

Tests After Finding the Treasure

The Desert Series of Self-discovery

The Journey to the Desert

The Desert and Desire

The Desert and Madness

The Desert and the Pit

The Desert and Death

The Desert and Rebirth

The Mt. Liebe Series

Ruby continues her spiritual journey. After her time in the desert, she has a teacher and clear spiritual direction. Will she continue to follow it?

The Road to Mt. Liebe

Padreson Chemin–The Village that Adores Mt. Liebe

Mind Fog


A Peak Experience

A View from the Top

The Final Leg of the Journey to Enlightenment

Demut and Shoveling

Stories with ClearSky and the Rancher

Run the Other Direction

The Arrival of a Teacher

Troubling News from the World

Digging out the Roots of Prejudice

The Choke Tree

Stories with Mikayla on Her Journey to be a Spiritual Teacher

Mikayla makes her very first appearance in the “Digging out the Roots of Prejudice” in the ClearSky and the Rancher stories.

A Flood of Questions

The Many Forms of Rock Climbing

A Lost Soul

The Pilgrim

Free to Go

Sef and Moira–The Teacher-student Relationship

The Burden of Wisdom

Short Fiction Story

This isn’t quite like the other spiritual allegories, but it makes an important point.

The Story of the Insane Man


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