Color, life, divinity. A swirl of feelings and emotions. I hope you dive into this latest poem from Jackie and let it swirl you around in colorful, divine playfulness and sacredness.

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Spiritual Poetry

Painted in Magnificence

Swirling arms
dancing with energy
and color,
life breeds more life.

Creativity births the soul
in silence and splendor,
in lines we paint
as we surrender
to the force which moves within.

In the light, we see our shadows cast
deep down in darkness
which will give rise to new heights,
to illuminating light we have yet to discover

Shapes and movement twirl us into novelty.
The heart lies in the depths of the green,
inside the nurturing foolishness of the wise
hidden among the sounds you cannot hear
beyond any insights which have become clear.

There where you cannot speak a word
where you cannot rest your head
there where you disappear
into a life which forever lives….

Draw yourself there
and let the self-imposed lines dissolve
into a beauty you cannot name
into a brilliance you cannot claim.

The eternal soul rises in the light
of a birth that was never born
but still lives
painted into magnificence.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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