I am once again humbled and happy to share more poetry from my student, Jackie. Enjoy!

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The Garden of Life and Light and Bliss

Down under the night fog sun,
rivulets of color stain my back
and open the gateway of my heart
into a new world,
into a doorway of light where there is no more question.

And there are no more answers to seek for.
There is only this.

It is not depressing.
It is not the end.
It is the door to a new beginning,
to the ever present start,
the entryway of Eden,
the garden of life and light and bliss.

I have entered.
I enter daily.
I enter each moment.
It is a choice,
but one I could now not make any differently.

It chooses me.
And I choose it.
For we love each other.
We are each other.

So I enter in,
to find myself revealed.
And it enters me just the same,
revealing all that it is.
There is nothing else.

Nothing escapes its hand.
Nothing escapes its beauty anymore.
It has touched everything,
until there is nothing more.

And nothing less.

This beauty.
This moment.
We are eating love’s food
and tasting of eternity’s essence.
In our hearts, the dance remains.
It closes in on the fullness
and brings it deep inside.
Then it pours back out.

Sweetness. Sweet nothingness.
This emptiness that is filled inside, within,
it is all.
Within, I see who you are
and who is this self parading as me.
Together we meet.
Together we fill one another
and empty back out,
into the eternity
that is our only home.

It finds us here.
It finds us here laughing……
It finds us here sliding
into new realms of being and mystery
that are ever deepening and widening with discovery.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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