Today’s spirituality poem from my student, Jackie, continues to take us back to the amazing song and musician that Love is. I hope you enjoy these words and are inspired to let Love turn you into her latest beautiful melody.

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Your Melody

In the rain
you swim inside my Soul.
Excavating all that dwells below,
you find it and bring it back up to me.
Now I too can See.

For you have moved your love into the depths of me,
and I feel you breathing me.
I know my love is You loving me.

There is nothing I can do apart from You.
Your love heals all my ways.
Your love melts through all the days
into an endless perfect moment.
Effortless, I can only smile
upon your power over me.

How come I used to be so weak?
Now you strengthen all of me
Giving the mind such clarity and purity
Opening the heart into vast summer fields of free.

Your voice is my Soul.
Your whisper is everything I cannot name
but know so well.

There in quiet hours, you change me.
Transforming through every experience,
I come out renewed
without words for your love
but each time, it dwells inside
more and more.
You are becoming all that I Am.

And our home is here
where you love me
where you live me wild,
play your chords along my neck.
With every stroke, I am your instrument.
This music is our song.
I have become your melody,
and will go wherever you take me.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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