It’s my pleasure once again to share another poem from my student, Jackie. I love this poem much like her others because of the truth of the awakened state she is sharing. After the bliss comes this abiding awareness that does not celebrate as loudly as that initial bliss state did. Rather it celebrates continually and creates a lovely sense of normalcy that you almost don’t realize is there.

Okay. Enough from me! You can read her poem “Unspoken” below, and if you’d like to read more poetry from Jackie and one of my past students, you can click on the spiritual poetry link:

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I have much less words these days.
Sometimes I miss the old way,
of when Inspiration and I used to play.
I wonder if those days will ever come back.
I wonder if I have stumbled off track.

For the love moves in a different way,
a more ordinary way.
Maybe that means it has ripened.
Maybe embodied Truth needs no words,
no expression,
except one’s own presence.

I feel more ordinary,
not so miraculous.
And yet there still lives something extraordinary,
as if I hold a secret that most do not know.
I smile for no reason,
for the love spontaneously overflows.

Oh, to connect within the sight of another smiling face,
or a giggling child,
or a tree or a leaf or a fountain.
That’s all there really is.
I’d rather Be with it
than write it down with a pen.

It feels more intimate.
I let it feel it’s way through me
and live me
with it’s own vibration.

Or I close my eyes and connect with it,
but how could I ever explain
this union so pure.
Words would only diminish it.

And I want to let it’s life breathe
to let it’s fragrance dance into my Soul
and capture all of me.

Oh, it’s such a delicate thing.
To speak of it would only make it fade.

As its reality joins with me,
there is really no thing to say,
for there is no more thing at all,
just Being unspoken



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