This will probably sound so fantastical that you won’t want to believe it. But it is the truth. We can dissolve fear, pain, anger, sadness, or anything else simply with awareness of it. We look at it, and it evaporates.

It sounds too good to be true. I could tell most of you that you need to do 30 years of penance, 4,000 hail Mary’s, and meditate for 10 years to heal, and you’d believe that instead. But letting go is simple and natural. Cultural lies have made us believe that healing is hard, and our own commitment to living in pain makes things doubly hard. As those of you who have awakened and those who have cultivated stronger and stronger consciousness go on your journey of self exploration, you will come to a point where you can simply notice an issue arising. You will have little to no commitment to that issue, which is key. Then with a look, not even half a look, the issue is seen, accepted, embraced, and released.

This is how issues dissolve through awareness.

The Bright Fire of Your Light

You are an immensely powerful being. But most of you don’t know this. Most of you don’t believe this. So you have been taught to seek third-parties to help you out. Help isn’t bad. We can all use it from time to time, but in terms of seeing and knowing yourself, only you can have that full insight. Without your own willingness to go inside, no one can really show you that much about yourself because you are unwilling to see it. Furthermore, no one can heal these old pains so long as you avoid them. This avoidance is a kind of commitment to them. In a way, you are saying through denial and ignorance that you don’t want to grow. You simply want life to play nice with you. But life is not a nice thing. Life is mercurial and vast. There are so many things shifting and changing around us, and putting our trust in the external world to make us happy is a recipe for continual misery. Sure, it’ll throw us a bone from time to time, but then we can quickly find ourselves getting lost in craving for those scraps. It is best to turn inwards to where the great fire of your inner hearth is burning and a banquet of love and kindness is awaiting you.

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Those Who Are Burning Bright

Some of you have come this way. Some of you have turned inwards. Some of you have sat in the inner fire of your awareness and released a great deal of darkness. Really, I am writing for those of you because I know that this topic is rarely talked about from this space. In what I call “After the Awakening,” you are past all the initial shifts (which can take years, by the way). Here in this space, you find out that you are not free of pain per se. Perhaps some of you will be free of suffering, but most of us find out that life is a continual evolution. And so are we. While we find perfection in every given moment, that perfection does not mean it is free of pain. Old wounds can open up from time to time as the next level of healing arises, but as I have already discussed on this post, that next level of healing takes on a new quality of effortlessness. You bring awareness to what has arisen, and it seems to dissolve on its own. It’s quite extraordinary to those looking in on the outside (if anyone is around to notice these types of things and has the level of awareness to do so). But after awhile, it simply because normal. Because it is quite natural. In coming into your brightness and the sharp clarity of it, you will see that healing an issue is simply a matter of noticing and releasing it. It only gets difficult if you are somehow still committed to the pain.

Trusting the Divine Timing

However, we all have our life lessons. Before some of you assume that this kind of awareness means that a person never has an inner difficulties again, I encourage you to make space for a broader point of view. In a world with infinite possibilities, everything is possible. Awakening does not bring total self-realization, generally speaking. It simply brings out your light. For what I am talking about today, the light can grow to such natural intensity that it dissolves anything that it touches because the nature of light is to dispel the darkness. The darkness cannot exist where the light is directed. Thus, the spiritual practices of an awakened person after they’ve moved through a lot of their initial shifts to open themselves to their beauty and light may simply be a kind of gentle inward looking. It won’t necessarily require teachers, healers, meditation practices, journaling, or any of these other avenues. It can. The awakened person who is stable in their awareness can use most things, and a lot of time we find some specific tools that simply are comfortable and feel true to us. I meditate regularly. It’s just a helpful form of self-care for myself. I don’t know how much I need to do so to maintain any level of consciousness, but I do find that some kind of self-care tends to be really helpful for maintaining my sense of clarity and connection to love.

Regardless of what the world is up to, there is a divine timing to healing even when dissolving an issue simply with awareness, which is ultimately what all those tools were doing. They were just offering an excuse for us to let go. When we are fully ready to let something go, then it goes.

Remaining Old Hooks and Unhealthy Patterns

Everyone’s awakening is different, and many of you who are cultivating spiritual shifts and following the path of becoming more conscious will find multiple levels of pain and inner abuse as you go inwards. It seems to be the nature of being a human to have a lot of levels. Perhaps, this is our own way of over-complicating things. Perhaps, it is simply the fact that we need to be patient to allow things to integrate. Perhaps, we are simply too afraid of letting go all at once so we let go little by little. Perhaps it’s all and none of these things as the spiritual path is a path of paradoxes. Nonetheless, even after a lot of shifts during awakening, you may notice that certain old unhealthy patterns remain as the floodwaters dissipate. It is the nature of life to ebb and flow, and I like to remind those of you in the initial floodwaters that this is a sacred time. If you have no energy for the external world, it’s because all of your energy is being focused inward. In this space, you have access to a level of self-learning and inner healing that requires most people a lot more time and dedication to build up their inner awareness and intensity to release something. For you, the intensity is present. Use that to good measure. In time, it will simply be available whenever you want it. If you don’t embrace it and if you try to keep living the old life, you will not become as skillful. A lot of issues will go back into remission, and you will continue to be controlled by these old pains and have a lot more digging to do if you try to return to them at a later and more supposedly “convenient” time in your life.

The Inconvenience of the Spiritual Path

If you have awakened, you probably feel how inconvenient the spiritual path is. It doesn’t play by the ego’s rules. It doesn’t matter if you think you are ready or not. If your soul and God say you are ready for this awareness to reveal itself, then you are. You can go into resistance and create a dark night of the soul for yourself, or you can release into it and embrace it. But if you are in the stable awakened awareness now, you know all this. Perhaps there is still a small part of you asking, “What next?” Perhaps not. You know the truth. The unfolding is proceeding as it should. New lessons and new opportunities show up as they should. You may easily fall into the habit of being a little bit of a self-improvement junkie because of how good it feels to release issues. I encourage you to relax. There’s nothing to improve, and you have arrived. Just like the peach tree that has its roots firmly set in the ground, you will come into your natural life cycles. There are times for blooming, growing fruit, releasing those fruits to the world, and rest. This is the natural inner cycle that has wanted to arise within us, but which we believed was too inconvenient and too impossible of a way to live in this world. Now it is here for some of you. Enjoy. Enjoy the bliss of being at peace with everything.

The Arising of External World Difficulties

As I’ve said, life may not get easier for you. Life may get quite a bit more difficult for you. I often use the example of if your path is to be a diplomat to bring warring nations together. This is not necessarily an easy path. Some of you may have sickness and illness as part of your path. The arising of sickness does not mean you’ve failed in your spiritual path. Spirituality does not preclude anything. It embraces everything, and so for those where serious illness arise, the only sane choice is to accept this as the truth and to discover what love means here. Bringing awareness to this situation, you can find where joy may arise amidst pain, and you can dissolve any of the inner fears that may continue to want to arise, such as the fear of death. This is heavy spiritual medicine to be sure, but we are all going to die one way or another. And the awareness that we reside in knows and sees this. That’s part of why I always say that the spiritual path is such an urgent one. In such short lifetimes which human beings have, there is no time to waste to find the depth of inner freedom and love we all have because we truly don’t know how much longer our lives will last. One wrong step, and you’re dead, hit by a car. It’s not something most egos want to think about, and this isn’t about scaring you into the spiritual path. Rather, it’s about speaking the truth.

Those who are abiding in this awakened awareness see this truth, and as all of you go more deeply into this inner space of being, whatever is not true is seen and dissolved to reveal what has been here all along: love.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.


  1. You are really an angel, as if you were talking to me, thank you very much💚🌹

    Ahmed from iraq..

  2. That's very kind of you to say, Ahmed. But I'm just a nobody, and I point to the freedom of that nobody-ness within you and all people. That nobody-ness is awareness.

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