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I hear the term “spiritual healing” from time to time, but it’s not a term I usually use. I usually just say, “healing.” That, to me, is enough, especially in a world where everything is spiritual–everything is interconnected. I also see healing as an essential part of everyone’s spiritual path. You don’t have to be clearing an old trauma to need spiritual healing. Every one of us has some level of dis-ease in the mind, body, heart, or energy field that needs some healing help. Part of why spiritual awakening can be so intense is because it folds in healing the pain inside along with opening to the truth and expanding into your fullness all at once. Phew…it can be a lot of intense work.

I also don’t consider the need for healing to be in anyway because we are sinful, bad, or failures. It is simply part of being human. It’s another reason why I made a full third of my ebook about it, and I created all these blog posts:

Spirituality Blogs About Healing

Since spiritual healing is a commonly used term, I’ll expand upon it in this post to help people understand the breadth of spiritual healing that is often necessary and central to people being healthy and whole spiritual beings.

What Is Spiritual Healing?

As always, I like to define my terms. Especially with this one, I imagine that there are more than a few ideas out there that range from some kind of dramatic faith healing/exorcism to energy work to…well, I don’t know. Lots of things. But as I’ve already said, spiritual healing to me is just healing. Our spirit is part of everything. All of us is consciousness itself. So how could I say that healing the heart is spiritual, but not healing the body through exercise or better diet? Why would I need to delineate spiritual healing as doing some kind of energy clearing on someone and not also in helping them come to greater mental clarity through discourse and discussion? I wouldn’t. And I encourage you to not make such distinctions because every aspect of you is sacred, and when some part of you is hurt or wounded, it needs to be healed.

The Global Need for Healing

I would make one last comment that when we bring our intention to heal and come into alignment with our soul’s truth that that would make this more “spiritual healing” than perhaps the athlete healing an ankle sprain just to get back out onto the playing field. So I’ll create that much distinction, but as I said, I don’t like to cut up things into too small of pieces. That is the nature of the ego mind, which is always trying to seek to understand the entirety of the universe through granularity. It’s like looking at the sand on beach. Sure, as you get closer and closer to the grains of sand, you can see more about them and their uniqueness. But you are also losing perspective of the larger beach, shoreline, and coastal region. In this way, we find most of humanity. Most humanity has a very narrow and self-focused point of view. Even on the spiritual path, many people are so lost in ideas and their spiritual point of view that they cannot see the grander design and the enormity of their interconnection with it all. It makes humans particularly dangerous.

But we are also powerful as well, and healing our misunderstandings and old wounds helps us to step into the power of our love. In this way, spiritual healing is about coming into true love, which has been a theme of this blog if you haven’t already noticed. 🙂

Spiritual Healing for the Mind

Usually, the first order of business for healing starts between the ears. There is so much mental debris, pain, ideological nonsense, and outright false core beliefs that it is amazing that any of us ever hack our way out of that jungle. But if you want to be healed in your mind and have the full abilities of your mental clarity, then it’s time to get the machete and start hacking. Spiritual healing on this level often involves meditation, journaling, spiritual teachers, spiritual books/texts, and a lot of the other stuff I mention on this blog. You can’t really get down into any deeper levels until you’ve created some level of framework and clarity for the mind. Otherwise, people are masterful at talking themselves out of doing stuff for their hearts and bodies that would bring greater health or healing. It’s not that this is a linear process, but I’m simply pointing to the greater depth of sickness that has encapsulated the human mind. We’ve been taught to create egos and perpetuate identities that fundamentally believe that we are not worthy of love and need to get stuff from the outside world to make ourselves feel good. This core belief is so well-hidden in plain sight that much of society considers it absurd to reject this idea. That’s how sick humanity has become.

Healing from this sickness tends to quickly bring with it all kinds of additional breaks with society, including jobs, relationships, and so forth. So, as I like to remind people, the spiritual path gets messy. But if you want to get a bullet out of a wound, you’re going to have to cut through some scar tissue and deal with some blood and pus. However, being able to walk normally and eventually run is phenomenal.

Spiritual Healing for the Heart

While the focus may move from ideas to emotions, many of the issues residing in the mind are also rooted in the heart. It’s why we honor that everything needs to heal in its own way. Healing the heart will often take different spiritual tools. While the greatest tool of all is to just let go into That Which Is, most people appreciate having other tools that bridge the gap to that deeper letting go. For the heart, spiritual community, close friends to confide in, an emotionally focused journal, emotional releases such as crying or even screaming, expressive arts, and other things may be called in as the spiritual tools du jour. You may be surprised how therapeutic a little bit of drawing and coloring can be in allowing your heart to talk to you in colors and shapes as opposed to putting specific words to it (although that may help as well).

Since everyone is different, healing your heart may be more or less challenging for you. It may also be just as challenging, but in a different way. As I like to remind my students, you cannot think your way through a heart issue. You have to feel your way through the release of the emotions. Nothing forces the heart, and it tends to open and heal more slowly than the mind, which is quick to change (both in good and bad ways).

Spiritual Healing for the Body

The body is just as spiritual as anything else. It also tends to heal the slowest. However, it is also the most stable aspect of us. When it is healed, it tends to take a lot of abuse to hurt it again, spiritually speaking. Usually after we’ve gone through the depth and discomfort of healing the body, most of us don’t want to hurt it again. In this realm, we heal the body through physical activity, sensation, food, and anything relating to our physical reality. Thus, a healthy diet (not one just to achieve a body image which comes from mental sickness that believes the body should look a certain way) is one aspect of spiritual healing for the body. Another aspect could be exercise such as yoga. Yoga is particularly wonderful because it was designed to align heart, body, mind, and spirit. Those yogis knew what they were doing. Massage and other body work can also be part of healing the body, which tends to store old painful stories and emotions in muscles and ligaments. It’s why people can end up crying on the massage table. It’s not because the massage is bad; it’s because something is being healed and released.

As I said, the body moves the slowest. It’s why those of you in awakening can feel so physically unstable for so long. The body may need more time to catch up and come to a stable space within your awakened energy field. However, being anchored in your fully healed and awakened body allows you to move with much more love, grace, and harmony than you’d ever thought possible.

Spiritual Healing for the Energy Body

I imagine that this is probably what most people think of as spiritual healing. The energy body is the most subtle, and in some ways, it’s the easiest and more difficult space to clear. It all depends on the karma and how issues are rooted in the mind, heart, and body. Some things are very easy to clear energetically. They just fly away with a half a thought. Others seem to regenerate, which usually indicates that they are rooted more deeply in the person. This means the person is still acting out these issues. It’s like a deep self-worth issue that has made someone very hateful. They keep attracting more hate from other people in response to their anger. This clouds up the person’s energy field. Their own hate also makes them hold onto that negativity because it reinforces their ego’s ideas about themselves and the world, such as the world is a nasty, terrible place. You can clear the part of their energy that is acting like an adhesive to other people’s anger and hatred, but until the person comes into their own self-love, they’ll generally keep falling back into old hateful patterns and re-creating the energetic issue that keeps catching all that other anger.

Occasionally, some things really are just energy issues. Maybe it’s old karma. Maybe it’s an old issue that has mostly been cleared out from the mind, heart, and body and it just needs an extra kick in the pants to boot it the rest of the way out. This is where energy healers can be useful. Sound healing focusing on clearing the energy field can be another avenue to release the junk from your energy field. You can also do guided meditations aimed at drawing in the divine light to wash out your energy body.

Odds and Ends of Spiritual Healing

These are some broad categories to think in for spiritual healing. Obviously, there are many other aspects of spiritual healing. Predominantly, I encourage you to think about working with yourself first before going on any quests to heal others or heal the planet. You have no idea just how powerful it is to be fully healed until you are. Even then, you may notice that new or old issues arise that require your attention. Again and again, healing pain and releasing fear brings more love into your life. Because you are love. The more you embrace this love that you are, the more you send out love through this great interconnected organism that is the universe. In this way, that is the greatest spiritual healing you can ever offer the world, and you have always had this power all along.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.


  1. Hi Jim!

    I just want to thank you for the work you do. It has helped me tremendously in the process. I've made a few breakthroughs though your teachings. Your work portrays the awakened space as what it is "running through the vines and bushes to arive at the reflection in the water." And repeat haha. Anyway, I like to see it like that. Making spirituality authentic.
    So Jim, I didn't know where to send you a personal message, just took this spot lol.

    Just a token of appreciation. I'll definitely support where I can, and those whom you work with.

    I hope youe enjoy your winter break, from this side in South Africa


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