Time for some more love on this spiritual blog. Is there ever really enough? Yes, this is a rhetorical question, and no, there is never really enough. But then again, love is everywhere, so how can there be a place where love is not? How can we ever have not enough?

I hope you enjoy this latest gift of love from my student, Jackie. As always, this and many other lovely poems can be found on this link under the Community tab:

Spiritual Poetry

The Gift of Love

Love follows me around
until I turn towards it
and see my own face
shining inside this Heart.

Love walks away
and leaves me alone,
but only when I close my eyes to it
and wonder where it is.

For Love is always beaming it’s glow
no matter if I come or go,
it is always loving me,
living me,
being what it is, through me
in perfect glory and attention.

There is nothing else I could do
but dance with it,
praising “thank you”
and feel it’s beautiful warmth.

There is really no place to go
no thing to comprehend
when the feeling heart is full
and when I am a fool for it.

I go mad with love,
crazy for it’s current.
It pulses inside these veins
and moves the body triumphant.

I must shout it out from rooftops,
quickly grab the one beside me.
See, see! Can’t you feel it too?

My eyes alive with fire,
my heart melting in its heat,
this jubilee is You as Me
and Us as It.

Can’t you See?
This is It,
This is All there Is!


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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