The latest in spiritual musings from my student, Jackie, is more spiritual prose than spiritual poetry. But it is lovely all the same. You can read more from her and some of my other current and past students on this link:

Thoughts from a Student

Just Me Inside of Our We

My heart continues melting into a brilliant constellation of love that requires no other. The mind is still, yet moving into the depths of a tranquility and calm that surpasses all knowing or understanding….

But deep down I know that the calm comes from a great understanding, and yet it is still one my mind can never seem to fathom.

And that is the glory of it.

To behold such a peace that simply passes through me with no creation on my part is the magnificence of the mind. For in this state, the mind wisely allows the Spirit to grow inside and fill up the empty space so that I don’t feel compelled to think. And why would I if I am at peace?

Any thoughts that do enter come from another place, once again not of my making. Therefore, they are trustworthy and life-giving. I am grateful that it is THEY who choose ME. And the clock on the wall keeps ticking, and the breeze subtly shifts the current of life in movements divine so that the owl that keeps calling me finds me waiting for his wisdom to become mine.

Because the moon that glows, and the bats that swarm, and the clouds that pass through time keep moving within the rhythms of the beauty of a quiet mind. And I cannot stop myself from feeling awestruck and full of wonder at the grace that consumes me inside. For my inside is the remedy; my inside is the melody; and my inside holds the memory of thousands of years full of life.

So when the outside stares back at me and continues to challenge me, it is the outside that reveals the true magnificence of the Divine. It is not me.

My insides and this outside make a dance and marry themselves into time. But I, I am just space. I am just chemicals and matter interacting with all the matter of my heart and all the matter of this world. And I have found that caring is a delicate matter full of energy and life. So it is my insides turned out, opened up for the whole world to see, to have, to share, to live, and to be. Yes, my insides are what create the me that you see, but what you see is up to your own insides, not me. I just live in my melody and that’s why I walk free.

Because I am just me, inside of our we.


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