Here are some more spiritual musings from my student, Jackie. I know many of you have been searching for a spiritual teacher, master, or guru to help point the way. In this lovely piece of writing, she helps point your search in the right direction.

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Thoughts from a Student


Who Is Guru?

Who is guru?
Who is not guru, is what I ask?

Everything is proclaiming the truth and beauty and wisdom and intelligence of all there is! We must only use our eyes to see what exists.

We are swimming in a sea of pure consciousness. Who is apart from this? Who is above this? Who is below this and needs to find this?

I have no such ideas. My eyes, my heart cannot escape the perfection of everything exactly as it is… could only ever be perfect.

And this is all I carry in my heart…..each face, each tree, each leaf, and bumblebee are only a reflection of this….looking back at me.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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