My student, Jackie, shares some of her latest thoughts about the nature of life and the intertwining of spirituality with all that is. I hope you enjoy it.

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The Circle

The natural moments are like weather. They take us into them when they want. But it is they who choose us. We are only receivers. Maybe it is rain, which makes us wet or hot sun that brings us warmth. Maybe it is a cool breeze that blows through our hair and gives us a shivering chill throughout our body. Maybe it is darkness which calls for rest, or light calling forth hidden things to be revealed. And perhaps, when it is one, it is really all three. But who controls the weather? We only learn how to work with it, how to sense it coming, how to prepare for what is needed in order to experience some comfort and retain our vitality. And sometimes in that, there is sleep and the dying of things and a need for hibernation and dormancy. For in the dark, many things grow and come to light….Life is always relentless in this way, fierce in its grace, endless in its change.

All that is called of us is to get out of the way, to follow the true guide that shows us the way and to let life live us in a way that is beyond us–greater than us. But we must harmonize with nature–within and without–in order to syncopate our rhythms and dance the greatest of concertos. For a symphony only sounds when the geniusness abounds. Therefore we must open up our field, broaden our horizons to contain the whole dance within us as we dance each step with total presence and yet absolute abandon. The paradox IS the dance. It’s a riddle no mind can solve, but a perfect formula which the heart knows intimately well.

Let it dip us back in ecstasy and sweep us off our feet. Let it sway the true movements of our soul in directions that are always taking us back to where we started, but fresh all over again…not once the same. Not once repeated. For novelty is life’s truest expression.

And sex is the symbiotic expression of our soul. The spiritual expression of the life force. In it, All is contained. In it, the act of every other form and being of Life. It is all sexual in nature. Inner connectivity is constantly interpenetrating our being and releasing us into something closer to liberation. A sound penetrates our ear. A word penetrates our heart. A touch penetrates our soul. And all this is felt only if we receive…receive deeply and completely.

So it goes, ever intertwined….the human and the divine. The female with the male. The dark with the light. The day with the night. Each penetrates and falls into the other, and both are received, felt as one. And into the One are they known and make contact with that which is Real, touch into that which can heal, feel themselves into Life to lay hands on the source of aliveness, to taste consciousness as the breath…..the breath of God. The breath of One. Merging with All til there is None. Only emptiness. Only the void which births them anew in the space of eternity and timelessness, where they relax and release completely and totally into the freedom that they Are.


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