It’s time for some fun, so I felt like doing something completely different than usual. This list comes from my Google Analytics, which tells me from where people come. As such, these are the top 10 spiritual cities for this little spiritual awakening blog over the past 4 years. Some of it might surprise some of my regular readers, and here’s a quick little teaser: the top city isn’t in the U.S.

Now, I can’t say that any of these cities are more spiritual than any other city. As many of you know, I see spirituality in everything. But if you happen to live in one of these cities, you might be reassured to know that more than a few people near you are interested in spirituality.

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Top 10 Spiritual Cities

10. Brisbane

To start off the list, we have to travel all the way over to Australia. Yep. That’s right. Australia. My friends from down under have been regular perusers of this blog for some time, and it won’t be the last time that I mention an Australian city on this spiritual blog post today.

9. Chicago

This one is actually a surprise to me because by and large I haven’t had too many people reach out to me from Chicago. But people in the Windy City are listening or rather they are reading, which also means it may one day be in my travels when I start setting up workshops and gatherings elsewhere.

8. Dublin

Now we have to jump all the way across the Atlantic for the next top spiritual city for this blog. It’s not a surprise for me as I’ve had more than a little contact with people from Ireland reaching out with questions or for one-on-one sessions. The real notable thing here is that it has the highest time on site of any of the top 10 spiritual cities on this list. People read the blog for an average of 5 minutes and 21 seconds, which is forty seconds more than then next on the list. Simply put, that means that people who come from Dublin find more than a few blogs that resonate for them.

7. Toronto

As you can see, there’s a distinctly international flavor to spirituality. It really isn’t just located to one region, and truth be told, this list might be even more diverse if there was a magic tool that could translate my blogs into every language (and do it well–sorry Google Translate tool). Anyway, I have quite a few spiritual connections up north, so Toronto is no surprise either.

6. San Francisco

I don’t think this city is any surprise to anyone, and yes, there are lots of spiritual traditions and opportunities in the city and around the San Francisco Bay Area. So if you came here looking for advice on spiritual cities to visit, I can certainly recommend this area. Perhaps, the only surprise for some of you is that it is only number 6 on this list of spiritual cities.

5. Sydney

Back to Australia we go for number five on the list of spiritual cities. It’s interesting how high up the Australian cities are on this list because Australia as a whole country doesn’t send my blog that much traffic.

4. Melbourne

The last Australian city on this list is Melbourne. All in all, it’s a pretty good showing to get 3 cities on this list and beat out the United Kingdom and Canada, which both send far more visits this way.

3. Los Angeles

The extensive Californian interest in spirituality is further represented here by LA. Of course, it’s also a huge city of more than 3 million people, so you’re always bound to get a few people from here.

2. New York

New York is also enormous and is bound to send lots of traffic to any website much less a spiritual website. I also have had more than a few sessions and conversations with New Yorkers. However, it couldn’t make it to number 1 on this list of spiritual cities.

1. London

Congratulations to all my English followers and everyone else living in London who have found their way to my spiritual awakening blog. This is the number one city for sending visits here, and of course, I have had lots of conversations with people in the U.K. and have students from there.

Honorable Mentions for Spiritual City

For one last word, I want to honor Oakland, Calgary, and Singapore. They didn’t quite make the list, but we’ll see. If you live there and spread the word to friends, you could help get them bumped further up on the list.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun little diversion.


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