I talk a lot about intuition on this spiritual awakening blog, so I thought now would be a good time to collect a few of the many blogs on that topic as well as a couple YouTube videos. Hopefully, this can be a one-stop shop for learning about your intuition and trusting it.

This blog has posts for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced intuitives out there, although please don’t hold onto this kind of rating. I am simply saying this to honor that some of you have never practiced with your intuition while others have been doing it your whole lives.

Mostly, intuition is a way to tune into ourselves and the deeper divine flow of all of life. It is simply taking us on the journey that is most true to us in this lifetime, whatever that may be.

Feel free to request additional subtopics for this very important topic. Enjoy!

9 Spirituality Blogs and Videos About Intuition

1. What Is Intuition?

Here’s my most basic introduction to intuition. It’s simply your inner knowing. It’s how you can find what is true amidst the huge masses of information, sensory stimuli, and energetic impulses that you feel every day of your life. It’s not anything extraordinary. It is very ordinary, but it really helps you to embrace the fullness of your life. It tends to guide you towards the lessons you need most and the joy you truly desire. This is great for those of you who are new and not sure of how to use your intuition. You’ll probably want to check out the video at the end of the post too.

2. Using Your Intuition

This is also a very introductory blog post to the idea of intuition and to help you have a better sense of what it is. If you are early in your spiritual path, please check this one out as well as the above intuition blog post to help you get comfortable with this essential spiritual tool.

3. Practicing With Your Intuition

Here’s a YouTube video that I felt like tossing into the mix. So if you are tired of reading, here’s something you can sit back and listen to. The more you are you, the more intuition becomes natural. Whatever you need to know will arise in the moment, and only you can ever have your wisdom. These are some of the thoughts that I share in this intuition video.

4. Refining and Trusting Your Intuition

I go a little bit deeper into the topic of intuition in this post, and I also offer a personal story. I hope it encourages you to see how you can use your intuition and how it gets clearer with practice.

5. The Difference Between Intuition and Superstition

Lots of people confuse intuition and superstition. In this video, I talk about some of the qualities of intuition to help you learn to better listen to your inner wisdom. One of the most basic differences is that superstition is a fear-based set of assumptions that gets applied against a given moment. This difference and other key differences are offered in this spiritual video.

6. Intuitions and Assumptions: Finding the Line Between Inner Knowing and Judgment

Here’s a powerful intuition blog post to help you separate assumptions that come from the mind versus intuitions that come from your divine connection to all of life. Assumptions are always coming from a set of ideas and beliefs. However, the mind is an exquisite tool for deconstructing them. You’ll find it difficult to deconstruct an intuition because it is not based in the mind. It arose there for interpretation, and as you clear away more assumptions, it’ll get easier to more effectively and correctly interpret the intuition.

7. Confused Perceptions and Wrong Intuitions

In this post, I help people get clearer with their intuitions by pointing out how we can confuse ourselves. There’s a short list of common ways we confuse ourselves about midway through this intuition spirituality post. If nothing else, I recommend reading that part so that you further identify when you are trying to twist an intuition into meaning something that it doesn’t or are trying to create a feeling that seems intuitive. It doesn’t matter how confused things may seem, however. It can all be cleared up as you let go of fear.

8. Your Expanding Intuition: Getting Comfortable With Difficult Messages

One of the areas where people get stuck in their growth is when they hear difficult messages. Because a person doesn’t like the message–meaning it conflicts with their ego ideas about how life should go–they may avoid taking action. In so doing, life stagnates or starts to go in loops. These loops are essentially how I define karma. You just go round and round the Merry-Go-Round until you figure out that you can get off the ride. But doing so will be quite disorienting at first if you’ve been on this ride your whole life.

Thus, learning to accept the difficult messages that you receive from your intuition is often a key turning point in your spiritual growth.

9. Unconfirmed Intuitions

Here is the graduate-level discussion on intuition. After refining and practicing intuition, we move into spaces where there is less and less validation of any kind. We have to confront deeper and more hidden fears around doing the wrong thing and truly being on our own. No one can give you your wisdom or tell you what to do, and this level of intuitive-awareness may be startling. I offer some thoughts here to help you relax more deeply and have faith in your intuition, as you realize no one can ever really confirm an intuition, not even you.

I hope this compilation of intuition blog posts is helpful and you can better learn to trust yourself.


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