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Just as the mind and heart go through big shifts during an awakening so too must the body. Body shifts happen on a lot of levels, but for the purpose of this blog post, I’ll focus on the simplest and most basic parts of body shifts–detoxing, diet, and so forth.

After awakening, the body goes through as much shifting as you need to come into your natural healthy body. Your natural healthy body is not something to be found in a fitness or yoga magazine, and it certainly isn’t likely to be found in a fashion magazine. You would do well to get rid of any of those types of body propaganda. It perpetuates so many lies.

Your body knows exactly what shape it naturally should be to be in optimal health, and a spiritual awakening takes you down the path to becoming your natural shape and will require any and all changes necessary to get there.

There Is No Idea to Believe In

The body does not believe in ideas.

Let me pause to let that sink in.

The body does not believe in ideas.

Is it in yet? Or are you still thinking about how your body should be and wanting (and hoping) that I’ll offer a particular image and set the ideas around attractiveness, fitness, and/or performance?

It’s easy to get stuck on having ideals for the body. Western culture (like most cultures) present a lot of ideas to people about how their bodies should look and what they should be able to do. But these are external ideas and not body realities. On this path, we’re interested in reality, and the body absolutely brings people back to reality.

Focusing on Reality

The Detoxification of the Body

A lot of people overdo detoxification through supplements and cleanses. They’re trying to impose an idea of purity on the body. A whole set of ideas and methodologies has grown up around detoxification. It’s a heavy-handed game where “experts” guess at what optimal physical health should be for lots of other people. This supplement and detox game has gotten monetized and widely distributed in health and grocery stores. A lot of this is kind of so-called “detoxification” is completely unnecessary.

Additionally, in the following video from the Seeker YouTube channel, ideas are offered on the uselessness of most vitamins. This is a channel focusing on discussing scientific research, and it offers thoughts on how vitamins came out of the industrial revolution when people started getting sick because they no longer ate nourishing food.

Who Decided We Needed to Take Vitamins (Part 1 of 3)

Seriously, malnutrition is crazy for a supposedly advanced civilization, but this is a real thing because people don’t eat what is natural to eat.

Furthermore, your body knows when and how to detox, and that natural detoxing can kick in after awakening. This is a whole other ballgame than whatever the latest fad detox is. Because your body really knows what to flush out.

To help support it, this is time when getting rid of consuming toxins and other non-nutritional substances can be vital. That can include:

  • drugs, 
  • marijuana,
  • alcohol, 
  • cigarettes, 
  • excessive caffeine consumption,
  • excessive sugar consumption,
  • and other non-necessary substances.

This detoxing can come in waves, or it can come all at once. It may also include detoxing from preservative heavy foods, processed oils, red meat, and whatever else your body does not want. Some changes will be more permanent than others. You may be able to eat meat again after processing out some old issues and attachments inside you, but perhaps you’ll notice your body wants very little of it.

After at least the initial detoxification, you can then get to more serious inner work. This detoxing phase is just clearing off the workspace to get into the deeper core issues that were hidden by a lot of other junk. With that junk gone, you can go down into the deeper issues, and you can start to hear what the body actually has to say about things.

Spiritual Awakening and the Purification Process

The Shifting of Dietary Needs

A lot of people are still so familiar with certain kinds of junk substances and food that they’ve taught their body to want unhealthy things. The desire and physical craving are wrapped together and are coming from a corrupted sense of self-nourishment. If it’s too bad, fasting can be really helpful to reset the system. But this is something that should be done mindfully and, for many of you, with physician or nutritionist supervision.

The point of fasting at this stage is to get clear enough to be able to notice what foods your body wants and not what it has gotten accustomed to. With this awareness, you start to shift your diet very consciously.

Dietary Shifts and Food Needs in the Spiritual Awakening Process

As you get clearer, you’ll learn many, many things about food and substances and your body.

For example, you may find that some foods are problematic to dealing with deeper issues. some people take bread out of their diet while dealing with some issues. But it may be added back later. Different foods reinforce, bury, or mask different issues. It’s quite interesting actually.

Anyway, this deeper healing and dissolving of ego issues often require dietary shifts during awakening. Afterwards, you have a lot more freedom again in what you can eat, but because tuning into your body makes you so aware of the effects of anything you put in your body, it becomes increasingly unlikely that you’ll want to eat anything that makes you feel poorly or at least not at optimal health.

Discussions with Health Professionals

For some people, they need even more help than just listening to the body and the guidance of awakened energy. This is okay. We all need help from time to time.

I know this can be tricky because most health professionals have no idea of the rigors of spiritual transformation that arise from awakened energy. Do your best to focus on the fixes that your intuition and body sensation have brought to you. And if you already know you have problems with caffeine, overeating, under-eating, lack of exercise, bad sleep, and other things, then talk about those things. Most doctors and health professionals don’t need the spiritual awakening context to be really, really helpful in guiding your changes in nutrition, activity, sleep, and so forth.

Additionally, please talk to your doctor, psychiatrist, or any other professional who has prescribed a medication for you. I know some of you will have read about these miraculous healings where a health issue or psychological goes away after awakening. This does happen. If the ego is involved in creating the imbalance, then resolving the ego issue often resolves the imbalances that got created. But some things your body may just need help with. So don’t throw out the mood stabilizers or whatever medication you may currently need imagining that awakened energy will fix it all for you. Awakened energy is not a cure-all.

Building a Body Strong Enough for Awakening

Touching a New Level of Physical Health

Many people have to detox and shift a lot of dietary, activity, and sleep habits, and yet that is not everything that is going on with the body. Meanwhile, the awakened energy keeps working on the deeper issues.

When an issue has fully dropped out of the body or a spiritual realization has fully integrated, a new sense of physical aliveness may be felt. You can’t fake it. You simply sense it. With that may come a new level of everyday physical health that you couldn’t have imagined. It’s at this point that some of you truly realize how unhealthy you were in the past. The amazing part is that many of you who thought you were in good health may find out how wrong you’ve been about that. There are a lot of skewed ideas about health in modern Western Culture, and thus, more than a few people will be shocked by how badly they’ve treated themselves when they thought they were caring for themselves.

And of course, then there are all the ego issues and attachments that are stuck in the body. Carrying issues affects not just the mind and the heart, but it affects the body too. Partly, this is because the actions we take are born of fears, pain, trauma, and other issues. We hurt ourselves in all kinds of ways, and then we self-medicate and numb ourselves to hide from the pain we cause ourselves.

Numbing Yourself to Life and Over-stimulation

All in all, to detox, adjust to a healthy lifestyle, and get rid of unprocessed pain and limiting issues leads us towards greater physical flexibility, relaxation, vitality, and general energy. In general, those four descriptors are great benchmarks to knowing if an issue has truly dropped from the body. But then again, when it happens, you won’t need anyone to tell you.

Your Changing Body

With those changes, you are coming into the body shape that most suits you. As I’ve already emphatically stated, this isn’t an image seen in a TV show. Most of those images are highly selected, and those mediums have brainwashed many people in Western Society. As such, some overly thin women will find themselves rounding out. Overly-muscular men may drop weight and muscle. In whatever way someone has not been true to their bodies, the body will change to align to its natural shape.

This is one aspect of integrating awakened energy in the body, and again and again, this path takes people to what is most natural. Where a person surrenders, things can progress more easily and even peacefully. Where there is resistance, any discomfort caused by needed physical changes will be amplified, and a person may feel even greater pain.

The Peace of Natural Spiritual Growth

The Revitalized Body

The revitalized body is not interested in pain and suffering, and some of you may be surprised at what physical activities it no longer wants to do. For those into performance athletics, they may find that they lose interest in those activities for a time. Or they may lose interest permanently. It really depends on what is true for an individual, and there is often a lot of pain and suffering in performance athletics.

In general, needless pain and suffering (the latter always being unnecessary) makes no sense on any level. The more you can hear the wisdom of your body, the more it is only natural to listen to do what it wants.

Additionally, the deeper you are surrendered to awareness, the less division is experienced. There is less of a “my body wants this, but my mind wants that” scenario. The two are coming together. Everything is coming together. You are realizing more fully that there is just the Now and we are all one.

Yet when we’re stuck in the ego, we put most of our focus on the future or past. This directs physical energy away from the present moment. That energy is projected onto experiences, relationships, lovers, jobs, etc. We constantly chase them, and we are get exhausted. We then reach for caffeine, sugar, and other uppers to keep us going in the impossible chase to find our lost energy. We search for other substances and activities to medicate the lost energy and fill the hole that we create inside.

But after awakening, those false pursuits get illuminated, and without that unhealthy mentality, we stop stressing our bodies. As such, the revitalized body is an unstressed body.

Why Spiritual Awakening Can Be so Uncomfortable

The Rebirth of Your Sexuality

I know some of you have had your sexuality turned off during awakening. This is part of the rebuilding process for many of you. When so much of your energy and focus is elsewhere, your sexuality can get put on the backburner. But it, too, is a sacred part of your body. Nothing is left out, and coming into your sexuality in an awakened way is a whole other ball of wax. It is no longer about procreation and pleasure. Those are not forgotten, but deeper interests towards union and the flow of orgasmic energy are ignited. These can be cultivated within your own space when the time is right.

For others who experience awakening more specifically as the rising of kundalini energy from the sexual regions, you may be overwhelmed by sexual energy. This needs to be focused inwards to continue the shifting. Expending your sexual energy with others can be depleting for both men and women, and especially if this is really strong, learning how to have a personal spiritual sexual practice can be deeply rewarding and help heal and release a lot of issues.

Most of all, the rebirthing of your sexuality is not a continuation of desire-filled craving, but one of enjoying the joy of sharing sexuality with oneself and others. It has no goal of orgasm. It simply enjoys the space and whatever is freely offered, which is how all of life is viewed from the awakened space.

Spirituality and Making Love

The Humanity of the Body

Yet, for all of this transformation, the body will still be the body; a part of this world that lives and dies. We will still get sick. We we still have hearing loss, vision loss, hair loss, and other things as the body continues the journey towards death. This is inevitable. We don’t get a super-body after a spiritual awakening. We simply come into full appreciation and ownership of our body. We can sense its needs better, and in so doing, we can maintain a better health than we ever could before.

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