I know that this spiritual awakening blog can be pretty serious a lot of the time, but the spiritual path isn’t always fraught with constant emotional purging, hours of meditation, and a whole host of difficult and challenging things. Rather, this is usually at the forefront because it’s on top of all of your abilities to enjoy life. Your joy and bliss are just bursting to get out of you, but a huge layer of self-judgment, anger, lack of self-worth, old trauma, and whatever else depending on your particular cocktail of pain and issues (and we all have them) are burying that love inside.

And love is easy. It’s easy because it’s already here. While the high state moments come and go, the depth of our acceptance, peace, and serenity is always here. That is the fullness of love, which embraces all emotions. As such, the more pain you let go of, the more access you will find to that love, which makes finding fun spiritual thing to do not quite so hard to do.

However, I recognize that as you go through this spiritual healing and spiritual rebirth process that you may feel like nothing is fun for awhile. You can’t do the old things like partying, drinking, casual sex, and other indulgences. A lot of entertainment is overwhelming, inane, or no longer interesting. All these things no longer feel good and are out of integrity with you. But you may not yet have new stuff to do and aren’t abiding in that deep presence where it doesn’t matter at all what you do. So, here is my top 10 list of fun spiritual things to do to help you transition into healthier fun.

10 Fun Spiritual Activities

1. Dancing

One of the fun trends coming out the San Francisco Bay Area is the conscious dancing trend. In some ways, I think it has a better chance of becoming more popular than yoga because there is no way you can do it wrong. You can dance anyway you want. There are a lot of different names for it, but they’re all basically the same kind of free-form dance. They are 5 Rhythms, Soulmotion, Biodanza, Core Connexion, Ecstatic Dance, and more. This kind of dance style is a great opportunity to let your hair down in a place that isn’t filled with booze and people who are totally focused on becoming nearly unconscious and hooking up. The added endorphins buzzing through the body after dancing is also a nice boost and a great way to clear out a spiritual shift.

Even if you don’t have some type of dance in your area, I encourage you to find some music you like and dance to it for a half hour in your living room.

2. Laughing

In laughter yoga (Yes, this is a real thing. No, you don’t have to do poses), the point is laugh for no reason at all. Enjoying some laughter and the associated biochemicals and hormones that go with it can be a wonderful break from the serious and sometimes drear process of healing pain. Check out “spiritual comedy” on YouTube if you need a little extra reason to start laughing.

3. Singing

For some of you, singing may feel like spiritual work at first because you’ve got so much shame in your voice. So this activity may be a space where you grow for awhile. However, many people already love their voices. Singing in a choir can be one way to connect with people and enjoy the harmonies that come from it. You may also enjoy checking out a kirtan concert.

Kirtan is a form of call and response chanting that can be very invigorating. While it is not widely available in some parts of the world, you may consider having your own mini-kirtan thanks the beauty of YouTube. Check out this YouTube clip with Dave Stringer.

4. Spending Time in Nature

For many people, once they awaken or have any kind of significant spiritual shift, there is often a drive towards being in nature more. A part of us yearns for a connection that is free of ego and other karmic junk while we open and clear out our issues. I hear people talking about wanting a garden, moving to a cottage in a forest, or something like that during some initial phases of awakening. Well, indulge that impulse. Go for hikes. Spend time on a beach by the ocean or a lake. It can be a wonderful way to rejuvenate yourself.

5. Going to Community Potlucks

Nourishing food is also soothing for the soul. I know that a lot of spiritual communities often have potlucks, and this is a great way to connect with people in a slightly less serious way. In many meditation groups, people come in and meditate and leave without a lot of interaction. A potluck facilitates much more interaction, and for those of you going through dietary shifts as part of your awakening, it can be a great way to get new ideas for meals as you align with a healthier diet.

6. Spending Time With Spiritual Friends

This spiritual activity builds off of some of the others. Hopefully by getting out and spending time with others you’ll meet a few people who feel like they’re on the same wavelength or are at least open to different ideas and ways of being. Nobody needs to be a perfect friend; they simply need to be able to listen, although it’s always nice when someone has a deep understanding of awakening and the spiritual path.

Usually, I’ve found that it doesn’t matter what you do with a spiritual friend. Being in each other’s presence can be enough at times.

7. Having Spiritual Sex

Yes! Sex is a great way to have fun. But don’t just think about sex in terms of having a partner. That tends to have all sorts of issues anyway. The spiritual path teaches us that we have all of our joy inside us. The more we find the depth of pleasure and power in our orgasms on our own, the more we can open to others if we do happen to have a partner at this time.

For more on this in general, I recommend checking out this spiritual sexuality blog post:

Understanding Spiritual Sexuality

8. Enjoying Spiritual Movies and Music

There are so many kinds of spiritual music from the typical new age stuff to Christian music to sacred chant. There are many songs created to adore the divine, so I can only encourage you to revamp your music playlists to embrace this kind of music.

I don’t have any spiritual movies that I particularly recommend at this time, but they’re out there as well. They can be a fun outlet as well as an educational one, depending on the movie.

9. Sitting on Benches

This is definitely one that resonates when you’ve lost a lot of interests and assumptions. For those of you connecting very deeply in oneness, you’ll find plenty of simple enjoyment with sitting on a benches and observing the river of life flowing by. This space may ebb and flow for you, but if you’re in this space, generally speaking, doing just about anything has a quality of peace and enjoyment to it regardless of if you are sitting on a bench.

10. Being a Spiritual Tourist

While this isn’t one that you can do every day, it can be a lot of fun to visit ashrams, churches, monasteries, holy sites, spiritual energy centers in nature, and other places. The point is to enjoy the nourishing energy of a place and people. It also can give you added perspective on different ways to live, which can be really useful as you break out of old patterns and ideas. Don’t get hung up on finding a perfect place or way to live. Everything has its benefits and issues, but in general, this can be a nice diversion for a little while.

I hope these ideas help you find some more fun on your spiritual path. Remember, it really isn’t all so serious.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.


  1. For movies I enjoyed "Minimalism" and "happy" on Netflix. I also recently watched "wake up" and that was an interesting one too.

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