For those of you who are new to my spiritual teaching or didn’t already know, I have a YouTube channel with a bunch of spiritual awakening and other spirituality-related videos. The channel is under my name: Jim Tolles.

Since my channel has been up for awhile, I felt like sharing the videos over there that have become most popular. Most of them should really surprise you if you have been a long-time reader. Many of you probably read the spiritual blog posts I have on these same topics. But if you enjoy listening more than reading (or just feel like switching it up), then you’ll appreciate these spiritual awakening videos.

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Spiritual Awakening Signs Video

I recorded this video some time ago, so it’s not current with my expression today. Just like anyone else on the spiritual path, I continue to grow and change, and with those changes are shifts in my expression. The essence of the matter has not changed, which makes this above video just as relevant as ever. My latest thoughts about spiritual awakening signs are on the below link.

5 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

What Is a Spiritual Awakening? Video

This is another video that is greatly supplemented by one of my blogs, which I have recently expanded.

What Is a Spiritual Awakening? Blog Post

Spiritual Awakening and Relationships Video

When we’re changing our relationship with ourselves, all other relationships in our lives must change to. Some go away. Some new ones come in, and some will evolve. All relationships, however, will pass. If we remember this, then we can more fully embrace the relationships that are with us now and appreciate the many transitional relationships that appear in our lives to helps us grow through specific inner changes we undergo.

How Long Will a Spiritual Awakening Take? Video

People unfortunately view an awakening as a bad thing that should be “gotten over with,” but the truth of the matter is that the awakened state has always been here. And it has never been the problem. Just like a light in the room showing a huge mess, it is not the light’s fault that there’s a mess. How long it takes for you to clean up your inner mess and how long it takes to be at peace with that clean up will dictate how long you think in terms of time.

Physical Pain and Spiritual Awakening Video

It is surprising all the physical pain that gets illuminated by a spiritual awakening. Much like a massage therapist working on extremely tense and poorly aligned muscles, the spiritual awakening isn’t torturing you. It’s opening you up to heal pain and grow in the light of your love and truth.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these spiritual awakening videos, and please share this post and the spiritual videos in it. Be well!


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