Speaking your truth should be a natural and effortless action, but this is rarely the case. Too many ideas, fears, and lies have gunked up the vocal cords. People don’t know what they’re saying or why they’re saying it. Because human beings are creatures that mimic patterns, we mimic our family and social circles. If there is a lot of freedom in speaking, them we have an easier time speaking our truth. If there is a lot of repression and judgment, then we may have a great difficulty in speaking about meaningful things. Even for someone who talks a lot, it doesn’t mean that anything they’re saying is even remotely related to their inner truth.

On this spiritual awakening blog, I offer you a different pattern to mimic–as much as you like. I don’t mean copying my words and just saying what I’m saying. That’s what got you in trouble in the first place. I mean that you have at least one example of someone who is speaking his truth. There’s a kind or resonance to words spoken or written from this place inside, and that’s what has drawn many of you repeatedly to this blog.

This post is actually a compilation of older blog posts that can help you anywhere you are on your spiritual journey from breaking your silence and finding your lost voice to really relaxing into sharing all the wonderful messages flowing from your spirit that want to go out into the world. Click on the “Read More” to find what you need.

5 Blogs to Help You Speak Your Truth

#1 Breaking a Culture of Silence

There’s a lot of silence on some of the most important issues that people face. Much of what we’ve learned to talk about are superficial topics. Sports, celebrity gossip, the weather, financial news, and even politics can all be ways that we avoid talking about things that matter. Depending on your family upbringing, you may live in a greater or lesser culture of silence. If you’ve been traumatized by an event, you may have gotten stuck in silence when you need to speak out and get help. And never forget that being loud and talking a lot doesn’t mean you are talking about what is true to you. Talking a lot can also be another way of maintaining a culture of silence when we aren’t speaking from our hearts and intuition.

With all that said, the above spiritual blog post takes a deep look at the culture of silence and how our spiritual practices can help us to step out of it.

#2 Finding Your Lost Voice

This spiritual blog post addresses the issue of feeling like you had your voice lost or taken from you. This can be from childhood or adult moments built up over many experiences, and in other instances, trauma can be a root cause that causes someone to have no voice at all. The inability to speak up for oneself is a huge issue, and it can lead to additional issues because you never feel like your needs are met or that anybody pays attention to you.

If this resonates for you, click the above link to get on the path to recovering your voice.

#3 Abuse of the Voice and Healing on the Spiritual Path

Many of you will realize that you’ve been abusing your voice. You’ve been lying or yelling or shaming others. You have a responsibility to own your transgressions and to atone. It starts by realizing what you’ve done and accepting it. Until you accept what you’ve done, you are not yet ready to ask for forgiveness. In asking for forgiveness, you also have to accept that you may not be forgiven. No one can be forced to forgive another; that’s not how forgiveness works. But if you are sincere, many people will forgive you, and even more importantly, you will learn to forgive yourself.

These thoughts and others are shared in this blog post. It’s an important step to cleaning up your habits in speaking so that you can learn to use your voice in integrity.

#4 The Open Gateway of Your Voice: Channeling and Speaking Spiritual Truth

I speak to people who have awakened in this blog to help them appreciate the power of their voice. Speaking your truth helps you to embody the truth. When we are simply thinking about a lot of ideas, they can stay surreal. Talking about them brings more present moment reality to them, and it’s an important way point before taking action. Talking out our truth helps us to refine it and understand it. Many times people will have realizations just by talking, and of course, people who speak the truth are really needed to help other people know what the truth actually is.

Once again, I emphasize how lost and deluded people are in this post, and as such, allowing the divine truth to flow through you and out your lips is an especially needed service in this world right now.

#5 The Awakened Voice Speaks But Also Listens

This spiritual awakening blog post really speaks to the deepening integrity of a mature voice. The mature voice settles down, and you spend more time listening. In deep loving presence and attention, you can hear multiple levels of communication. You can hear another speaking from the heart, unconscious ego, mind, spirit, body, and other subtle levels as you really learn to listen. You may have to learn how to sift through a lot of different messages because most people are not integrated.

How you communicate back from this deep space of listening is a whole other way of connecting to someone, so it will take practice. Sometimes people are in deep denial of issues that you can clearly see, and their attempt to talk about the weather is a way to avoid something. How you stay open and communicate in these situations is part of the learning and maturation of your awakened voice.

Continued Maturation of Your Voice

Everyone grows up into their voice differently. Some of you will not speak much about what you know. You will be guardians of sacred secrets. It is not necessarily your role to be the sharer of this sacred knowledge as much as to be the knower of it. As such, you may speak less and less. Others of you will be sharers and find yourself speaking, blogging, and touring to share this gift. Yet still, silence will continue to play an important role as you learn how and when it is most true to you to share. Sometimes it means getting used to a lot of discomfort when you share something that is upsetting to others or when you don’t share because it is not time. Speaking your truth is an organic and changing space.

Life is shifting and the demands of each moment are always different. All we can do is stay present, clear, and in tune with our truth and speak or not speak as we are guided. The rest will have to attend to itself.


I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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