Many of you will discover that you have a calling to become a spiritual teacher or healer as you grow on your spiritual journey. Others of you have always felt this pull within. And some of you will be quite surprised when people start putting you in places to teach or heal. Any way that you end up on the path of the spiritual teacher and healer is sacred, but it still involves work.

In this webinar, I discussed the dedication, self-care, and business of becoming a spiritual teacher and/or healer in our modern society.

Becoming a Spiritual Teacher or Spiritual Healer Additional Comments

Offering yourself to others as a spiritual teacher and/or spiritual healer is a profound service to the world. It should not be taken lightly in terms of responsibility or dismissed as some trivial service. Truly, this vocation can help people to change their lives, release old pain and trauma, and live in greater peace and harmony.

But before you go running off to save the world, you need to know yourself. The better you know yourself, the more clear it is what type of teaching and/or healing you want to offer. You understand your gifts, but you also understand what your limits are. The combination is critical to staying in integrity with yourself and others when you are often working with people who are badly out of integrity with themselves.

Some topics I discussed include:

  • The importance of self-care
  • When healing work may get confused as life work (Click on the link to go to a spiritual blog post on the topic)
  • The wounded healer/teacher
  • Learning how to say yes and no to the many opportunities and challenges that come your way
  • Appreciating the role of money and avoiding the impoverishing trap of scarcity issues (for instance, thinking money is “bad” is an issue that will trap you in scarcity)
  • Appreciating the business of being a full-time healer or teacher and discussing some important business aspects (such as how to ask for donations, set up a sliding scale, etc.)


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I'm a spiritual teacher who helps people find freedom from suffering.

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