The spiritual path brings many interesting lessons and situations into our lives, and of course, all of those are dependent on the people who are part of our experiences. Especially after a spiritual awakening, there often are a lot of powerful relationships that arrive for people. For some people, those relationships were already here, but when you are open to receive, those relationships can finally expand to offer greater depths than before. For others, it really does seem like the universe can send a wave of amazing, unsettling, and even terrifyingly powerful relationships your way.

The types of powerful spiritual relationships are actually quite varied. They can include one or many spiritual teachers or healers. They obviously can include soulmates, twin flames, and other romantic relationships. They can include many deep re-alignments with current friends, co-workers, employers, business partners, and family as you come into a deeper harmony, and some transitional relationships will be vital in helping you leave some of your more unconscious relationships, easing the transition from unconscious behaviors to healthier relating.

Truly, there are many, many kinds of powerful relationships that can show up, and in this webinar, I talked about a few of them as well as understanding the power of your relationship with yourself.

Spiritual Awakening and Powerful Relationships Full Webinar Recording


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