The awakened turning point is a sacred moment when someone moves from being in resistance to their inner growth to embracing it. It often comes as someone finally has enough perspective on who they were to see the depth of unhappiness or out-right misery that they’d been living in. This is vital because most of resistance people place against their own growth and letting go of their ego comes from the assumption that they’re “losing” something important and will somehow be hurt. Seeing how much hurt they’d been in undermines this perceived “threat.”

Additionally, the turning point also tends to come as the person realizes how much more loving, at peace, healed, and wise they now are because of all these shifts and growth. So the ego threat that you’re going to be hurt by the spiritual path is now seen as a lie, and depending on how deeply in your truth you are, it can become truly laughable.

This clarity and perspective creates the awakened turning point. The person realizes that this path and awakening truly are benefiting them beyond their wildest hopes and dreams. As a result, they whole-heartedly embrace their shifts because they may sense how many other hidden issues are still impeding their growth. At this turning point, you no longer want anything limiting your love. Thus, you pass from the dispelling the darkness phase into your embracing their light phase.

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