Doubt is one of the great absurdities of the ego. I’m not talking about doubting ideas and conjecture. There are lots of ways that questioning the words of another are important with so many people speaking falsities and half-truths.

No, I’m talking about when doubt arises in the face of what you are actually experiencing. I’m talking about how people doubt their own truth and their own pain.

For instance, a powerful memory re-emerges, and the person doesn’t want to believe it. When someone remembers repressed childhood trauma, it often upsets their ideas of their family life, who their parents and siblings are, and who they are. Simply, this memory doesn’t fit in with their ego’s story, so they try to turn a blind eye to it when emotions and even physical pain are erupting to tell them that the event really happened. Or a difficult situation is happening right now, and the person doubts that this situation is real. “No, I can’t be in a car accident.” But you are! That doubt and denial is getting in the way of addressing it. Or perhaps it’s a psychic experience occurs that doesn’t fit the ego’s idea of what is possible to perceive, and doubt comes in once more to deny the truth of your experience.

On the spiritual path, we learn to let go of doubt and simply see what is. If memories or difficult experiences arise that upset us, we need to accept them to engage with them with clarity and love. Otherwise, we get stuck and trapped in our spiritual growth, and we continue to suffer.

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