For the next couple of months, I’ll be scaling back the length of my posts into these short spiritual sound bites. I’m focusing most of my writing energy on writing a second book, so for the time being, I hope you enjoy the plethora of spiritual awakening posts that are already on this site as well as these quick spiritual thoughts.

Alive and Natural Relationships

As you open up to your own inner life and vitality, you will notice from time to time that some relationships are particularly hard to define, but also are powerful, flowing, and deeply connective. They are, in fact, alive. An alive relationship is a natural relationship; the two terms are synonymous (although I am still figuring out my terminology on this). The relationship grows and moves in its own way with just a little commitment from both parties.

Because most people aren’t used to this aliveness, people can be quick to put it into an old ego idea and call it romantic, friendship, this or that, or discount it entirely because it is so new and feels so different. But the more you open up and step out of old behavioral patterning, the more you’re going to engage with people who don’t fit any of your descriptions.

So go slowly.

Explore the aliveness with the other person/people and let go of judgment. You’ll spend quite a bit of time in uncertainty and are likely to have your fear of the unknown exposed. But if you and the other person are sincere, the relationship will show you what it is and grow and evolve in ways that you might never have experienced before.

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