Spiritual awakening and spiritual growth remind us that no matter where someone has been or how difficult the path, they can grow and change to be happier, healthier, and kinder people. There is no depth of darkness to which people can sink from which they cannot arise again, and this is very good news. It is the nature of the Divine to never reject any one of us, and ultimately, we are all in this together.

However, sometimes society pigeon-holes people, and people can feel trapped by all their past transgressions. Even after they’ve done a lot of personal growth or even awakened, past mistakes or gross errors (murder, rape, etc.) can haunt a person. To be sure, people need to atone and repent for mistakes and especially the gross errors. Pains inflicted on others that cannot be undone are heavy weights to bear, but you can redeem yourself. And it is up to society to allow a path to healing and redemption and to re-embrace someone who has truly redeemed him or herself.

Fortunately, the ever-forgiving present moment does not hold us captive to our mistakes. It is always offering us the opportunity to step into integrity, truth, atonement, and love. Because of this, some of the kindest and most loving people on the spiritual path often have come from very dark or troubled paths. They truly know what darkness and pain are, and for them, it makes it so much clearer how important it is to embrace the light.

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